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Online Whiteboard on Wooclap

An interactive digital whiteboard is an innovative way for teachers to engage students in the learning process. It also provides a space for learners to share their own ideas, thoughts and concepts in a collaborative environment.

The purpose of this page is to explore the benefits of using an online whiteboard, particularly for educators and students. It will also provide a guide on how to create and use a whiteboard on Wooclap.

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Definition of online whiteboard

An online whiteboard is a virtual space where individuals can come together and brainstorm, plan or teach in real-time. It is a platform that has become increasingly popular among distance learners, remote workers, and educational institutions worldwide. An online whiteboard enables users to create, personalize, and share their thoughts and ideas with others. It is an interactive animation that simulates a physical whiteboard, with added benefits of collaborating, remote participation, easy and quick sharing, and storage of documents.

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The primary function of an online whiteboard is its capacity to enable individuals in a remote location to interact in real-time. This format makes it perfect for remote learning, coaching, and collaboration across various fields such as business, education, and research. This interactive digital whiteboard has become an essential tool that enhances learning, encourages remote participation, and fosters creativity among students and professionals alike.

Why use an interactive whiteboard

The use of an online whiteboard is not only beneficial for remote workers or students. It is an interactive space that bridges the gap between face-to-face and remote interactions. Educational institutions, teacher, trainers, training centers, and departments can all benefit from the use of an online interactive whiteboard. Below are a few reasons why online whiteboard is a valuable tool that everyone should consider.

Collaborative whiteboard

Collaborative whiteboards allow users to collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. It enhances remote participation, encourages creative and critical thinking, and fosters teamwork. The digital platform allows individuals to share ideas, work on the same document, and edit documents simultaneously.

Remote whiteboard

The pandemic has forced institutions to adopt remote learning, and an online whiteboard has become an essential tool for teachers and students. Not only does it enable remote interaction, but it also provides a virtual space where teachers can simulate a physical classroom. It is fast, simple, and alive, enabling students to interact and learn as they would in a traditional classroom.

Simple whiteboard

An online whiteboard is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to use for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a simple tool that is easy to navigate and customize. Users can create, edit, and share documents within seconds, making it a convenient choice for people with busy schedules.

Active whiteboard

Online whiteboarding encourages participation, creativity, and innovation. It allows individuals to express their ideas and share their thoughts with others. The interactive digital whiteboard can be used in various ways, such as brainstorming, mind mapping, collaboration, and presentations.

Interesting whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is an engaging tool that can make learning and teaching interesting. It encourages the use of multimedia such as videos, images, and graphics. The platform provides an opportunity for teachers to create immersive and interactive animations that will keep students engaged and interested throughout the course.

How to create and use a collaborative whiteboard on Wooclap

Create the whiteboard

To create a free whiteboard on Wooclap, click on the "Whiteboard" button. Then name your whiteboard and click the "Display" button to customise it according to your requirements.

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Customize the whiteboard

Wooclap gives you the possibility to create an outline for your whiteboard session before displaying it to your audience. After selecting the "Display" option, the whiteboard will appear on your screen. You can use the available tools to write, draw, or add multimedia, such as images or videos. You can also customize the board and adapt it to your needs by changing colors, fonts, and layout styles.

Customize the whiteboard

Collaborate on the whiteboard

You can also share your whiteboard with others by inviting them to join the board. By enabling the collaboration option, you allow your audience to digitally add post-its to your numeric whiteboard and participate in its creation. This can be useful if you want them to add ideas or comments. You can edit the board in real-time and save or export it in various formats.

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The advantages of the Wooclap remote whiteboard

Illustrate your argument

The Whiteboard offers you a blank digital medium on which you can add illustrations, text, and different shapes and colours. This allows you to complement an explanation by visualising it. For example, by presenting a mathematical formula in real time or by drawing a diagram. 

By adding an image to your Whiteboard, you can then circle the areas that interest you, and add text and different colors to your image.

Illustrate your argument

Collaborate with your audience

To make your presentations even more interactive, you can also have your audience participate in a Whiteboard. 

This can be very useful in both companies and schools for the co-creation of a mind map or a customer journey, the illustration of a scientific concept or a clinical reasoning.

Collaborate with your audience

Multi-user collaboration

The Wooclap live whiteboard allows several users to work on the same canvas simultaneously, which makes it an ideal tool for groups or classes. Users can also see each other's changes in real-time, which enhances the sense of community and collaboration.

Interactive activities

The Wooclap whiteboard integrates with other interactive activities, such as polls, quizzes, and surveys, which can provide instant feedback and assessment. This can help teachers to evaluate the students' understanding and adjust the teaching accordingly.

Customizable templates

You can find a variety of customizable templates for different educational contexts, such as brainstorming, mind mapping, or SWOT analysis in the “Examples gallery”, when creating a new question on Wooclap.

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