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A simple solution to interact with your audience during a live conference, a corporate meeting or inside a classroom

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Our interactive solution
Live Q&A

Give everyone a voice by letting your audience ask their questions or give their remarks. Speakers can answer a specific question to spice up their talk. Live messages can be moderated, so your wall won't be spammed.

Voting system

Let your audience vote on your propositions in a few seconds.


Let your audience rate your propositions between 1 and 5. Very useful to have a quick feedback.

They use Wooclap
You're only 3 steps away to engage your audience
Create your interactions

Connect to your account and prepare your interactions with Wooclap's very user-friendly interface.

Audience answers

Your audience participates with their smartphones, tablets or laptops via the internet. People may also participate by SMS.

Analyze the responses

Observe the results in real time on your screen. You may also display them on a projector like you do with a presentation.


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