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    Captivating your learners, your greatest challenge!

    Thanks to Wooclap:

    • Boost your training sessions & your conferences

    • Measure the understanding of your learners

    • Stimulate participation & motivate your audience

    • Improve learning & collaboration

    35,000+ teachers & trainers
    engage their learners with Wooclap


      Digital pedagogy advisor, Louvain Learning Lab

      The enthusiasm generated by Wooclap among teachers is exceptional; the interface is very intuitive and does not require any special training. We are very happy to participate in the development of the platform because feedback is taken into account very quickly by their team.

    • Prof. Dr. Franck VERSCHUREN

      Professor of Medicine at UCL

      Thanks to Wooclap, the participation rate in my class is close to 100%.

    • Prof. Dr. Bruno COLMANT

      Professor of Financial Management at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

      I was impressed by the speed and simplicity through which my audience responded to my surveys, with Wooclap.

    • Ryan WRIGHT

      Professor at UMass Amherst

      As a university professor, I recommend Wooclap to any teacher who wants to engage their students. My students love Wooclap.

    Learn together, everywhere, at any time

    • 20 ways
      to interact

      Collaborate with your learners through multiple choice questions, word clouds, competitions and many other features.

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    • Participation via the Web or SMS

      Participation has never been so easy and fast. Wooclap does not require any downloads & works on smartphones, tablets or computers.

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    • Live or distance learning

      Interact before, during and after the course. Whether it is for a diagnostic test, a formative test or an assessment test.

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    • Participation with identification or anonymously

      Let your participants respond anonymously or ask them to identify themselves. It's your choice.

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    • Draw inspiration from a database of existing questions

      More than 10,000 questions are at your disposal to inspire you & make your life easier.

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    • Share your questions with your colleagues

      Exchange your content with your colleagues in 1 click.

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      Wooclap connects with the tools you use every day

      • Export results
        (PDF & Excel)

        Thanks to Excel export & PDF reports, take the necessary steps to help your learners progress.

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      • SSO & LMS integration

        Integrate Wooclap directly into your LMS. With SSO, your students & teachers do not need to create a new account!

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      • PPT integration, Keynote, PDF & Google Slides

        Insert your questions & interactions directly into your slides.

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      Success stories

      Discover how teachers use Wooclap to make their classes fun & effective

      • UCL logo

        350+ teachers use Wooclap at UCL!

        More than 350 professors have used the app in almost 1300 classes, and by doing so, they achieved the university’s objective to establish a dialogue between teachers and their students, even in large classrooms.

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      • logo ENSAM

        ENSAM using Technology to Interact with Students

        Cécile Pichon, multimedia pedagogical engineer at ENSAM, shares her vision of the use of new technologies in teaching.

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          Neurolearning: Factors for an Efficient Learning

          Factors that help gain efficiency in all types of learning processes have recently been discovered.

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          5 key tips to make our brains more efficient

          Following several studies on the functioning of the human brain, researchers at the Pasteur Institute ...

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          The 10 Most Famous Neuromyths by Ph. Lacroix

          Neuromyths are misconceptions surrounding the functioning of the human brain. Due to...

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