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Discover more than 15 question types to communicate effectively with your audience: MCQ, word clouds, polls... All the way to the competition mode and the message wall!


Create and customise your PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote presentations to smoothly interact with your audience at the right time.


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Wooclap interacts with your daily tools to make your life easier. Integrating Wooclap events into your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations, creating an event directly from Microsoft Teams... It's all possible!


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Make your lectures interactive, whether face-to-face or by videoconferencing through Zoom, in real-time or self-paced.


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Visualise and export your audience's results to Excel or PDF to measure their progress instantly.



Wooclap complies with strict accessibility criteria and is optimised for use on computers, phones and tablets, so that everyone can use it in the way that suits them best.

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