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Teacher for middle and high school

Teacher for primary and secondary school

Make your courses even more interactive

Actively engage students in your course, either in class or remotely. Wooclap adapts to all subjects thanks to more than 20 questions and interactive activities designed with teachers!

primaire et secondaire - collège et lycée - elementary and high school

Easy to use for teachers and login via QR code for students

More than 20 types of interactive activities to engage students from the beginning to the end of the course

Wooclap integrates with your favorite tools like PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Genially, etc.

A comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that allows you to create interactive quizzes and presentations to engage students.

Keivan Farzaneh, Technopedagogical Advisor, Collège Sainte Anne

The advantages of Wooclap

Ease of use for teachers and students

You interact with your students in 3 simple steps: ask the question, let them answer it, and view the results in real time. No need to create an account or download an application!

facilité d'utilisation et de prise en main

Over 20 interactive questions and activities in one tool

Wooclap offers more than 20 types of questions to engage students in your course and become actors of their learning: MCQs, Word Clouds, Polls, Brainstorming, etc. But also a competition mode and a message wall!

19 questions en un outil

Wooclap integrates with your presentation and video conferencing tools

Do you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Googles Slides on a daily basis? You can insert your Wooclap questions very easily thanks to our integrations. No need to change tools! Everything is found and created in one space.

s'intègre à votre LMS, outils de présentation et de vidéoconférence

Free for high school teachers in France, Belgium and Québec

Elementary, middle and high school teachers only, in France, Belgium and Québec, get free and unlimited access to all Wooclap features (except LMS and SSO integrations).

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Middle school or high school teacher?

Get unlimited access to Wooclap for free!

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