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Distance learning with Wooclap

Distance learning with Wooclap

Are you a teacher? We are here to help you face the challenge of distance learning, and maintain the level of interactivity of your online courses, while continuing to offer your students an awesome and effective learning experience.

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Distance learning: a short guide to Wooclap

Regardless of the model you followed to design your course, this guide will show you how to use the appropriate Wooclap features to turn your students into actors of their distance learning, from within their own homes.

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Interactive questions

Make your courses interactive and use our tailored features to increase the quality of discussions, both in person and during a video conference, synchronously and asynchronously.

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Our dedicated Help Center

Rather than simply naming the advantages and disadvantages of online classes, we will provide guidance as you get to know the tool within the context of your teaching strategy, and advise you on how to use it in a distance learning setting.

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Are you a learning technologist?

Use Wooclap for free in your higher education institution, by holding a trial period before you adopt the tool! Getting started is easy, and we help you train teachers in how to use Wooclap as part of their teaching strategy (distance or face-to-face) in universities, colleges, business schools, and training centers.

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Learning continuity with Wooflash

Use our web-based platform, founded on neuro-educational principles that enhance learning, to follow your students' progress remotely. Artificial intelligence provides them with a personalised study plan, and teachers can view statistics to monitor their growth.