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In today's digital age, learning and teaching methods have undergone a significant transformation. With the advent of technology, educators and learners have access to a plethora of digital tools to enhance learning experiences. One of the most popular digital tools for educators is the free word cloud. They are an excellent way to engage students in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and to explore concepts.

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What is a free word cloud?

A free word cloud is a visual representation of text data, representing the most frequently used words in a given text. The larger the word in the cloud, the more frequently it appears in the text. They are often used in presentations, reports, and academic papers to make complex data more accessible to audiences.

Online word clouds are readily available on the internet, and can be used by anyone who has access to a device like computer or a phone which is connected to the internet. Most free word cloud tools have limited features, but they still offer many of the basic functions needed to create a free word cloud.

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Why use a Free Word Cloud?

Enhance classroom discussions

Free word clouds are a great way to summarize a discussion in a classroom. As students discuss a topic, a free word cloud can be generated in real-time, making it easy to identify the most common words used in the discussion. Questions asked by the teacher or trainer can also be added to the free word cloud, making it interactive and encouraging students to participate in the discussion.

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Assess prior knowledge

Word clouds can be used as a pre-assessment tool to gauge students' prior knowledge on a particular topic. Students can be asked to brainstorm words associated with the topic and then generate a free word cloud from their responses. This can help teachers and trainers identify areas where students need more support and tailor their lessons accordingly.

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Encourage collaboration

Collaborative word clouds are a great way to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Students can work together to brainstorm ideas, and the interactive word cloud can be generated in real-time, making it easy for them to see each other's ideas and develop a shared understanding of the topic.

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Improve vocabulary

Free word clouds can help students improve their vocabulary by identifying the most common words used in a particular text or discussion. It can also encourage them to use synonyms for frequently used words, which can lead to more varied and interesting writing and speaking.

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Discover our examples of Word clouds

How would you describe today's students in one word?

Introduction to Word Clouds

Identify key concepts, create a visual summary, or ensure that your learners understand with word clouds!

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How to make a Free Word Cloud on Wooclap?

Creating free word clouds on Wooclap is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to engage their audience and make their presentations or events more memorable. Here's how to do it:

1. Log in to your Wooclap account.

2. Click on "Create a new event" and select free word cloud.

3. Enter the question or prompt that you want your students to respond to.

4. Click on "Display Now".

5. Ask your students to join the event by sharing the code, so that they can respond to the question or prompt in real-time.

6. Watch as the free word cloud is created in real-time.

7. Use the results of the live word cloud tool to start discussions, consolidate a topic or to understand the key learnings.

Why create a free word cloud with Wooclap?


Easy to use

Wooclap’s tool is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise. Teachers and students can create word clouds with ease and without the need for any training

Accessible via phone, tablet and computer

Free to use

You can use a free word cloud tool, which means that users can create word clouds without any extra costs.



The free word cloud feature is highly customizable. You can change the font size, color, and add images or videos to match your brand or presentation.

Analyze in real time

Automatic analysis

The free word cloud feature automatically analyzes the responses and highlights the most popular words or phrases. This saves time and effort in analyzing the data and helps you focus on the most important aspects.

Enhance your teaching with your own free word cloud

Free word clouds are an effective tool for presenting, summarizing, and analyzing large bodies of text data. By using a free collaborative platform like Wooclap, users can make word clouds easily and interactively, making it an ideal tool for group activities for classroom use. The advantages of Wooclap's free online word cloud tool include its ease of use, collaborative features, interactive animations, and customization options. By using Wooclap, higher education institutions, teacher trainers, training centers, and departments, and colleges and secondary schools can make use of a powerful and engaging tool to enhance their teaching and learning practices.