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Encourage your teams to play an active role

Make your meetings more lively and interactive

Monitor answers with integrated reports

Free templates for managers

Task prioritisation of this week

Weekly Team Meetings: prioritize and boost productivity

Weekly team meetings that prioritize tasks promote effective collaboration. They allow team members to be the most productive and have high performance.

Mark Freer
Mark FreerLeadership coach
Mark Freer
Mark Freer
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Prioritise projects as a team Illustration

Prioritise projects as a team with the MOSCOW method

With this Wooclap template, discover the MOSCOW method and put into practice to effectively prioritise the requirements of your projects as a team.

wooclap blue square logo
wooclap blue square logo
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What should we start, stop or continue? (example: following the XX project)

Start, Keep, Stop: the feedback model from Wooclap's CEO

Optimise your collaboration and decision-making with Wooclap Managing Director’s favorite feedback framework: structured feedback, commitment from all, continuous improvement.

Hélène Grossetie - DG chez Wooclap
Hélène GrossetieManaging Director at Wooclap
Hélène Grossetie - DG chez Wooclap
Hélène GrossetieWooclap
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Wooclap benefits for managers

Optimise meetings with your teams

"Use Wooclap to stimulate the participation of your team members, especially during your start-of-the-week meetings. Create live polls, interactive Q&As, or word clouds to kick off the week by gauging the mood of your teams!

Réunion optimisée

Boost your team training

Maximize the efficiency of your training sessions by transforming them into interactive and engaging experiences with Wooclap.

Integrate quizzes, polls, and assessments to evaluate your team's knowledge in real-time. Quickly identify weak points and bolster areas that require special attention, ensuring the optimal training of your teams. With Wooclap, you amplify the effectiveness of your training sessions and secure lasting learning for your team members.

Formations dynamiques

Craft effective project retrospectives

Wooclap helps you in building relevant project retrospectives!

Through the Brainstorming or Framework, you can gather team feedback in a simple, quick, and topic-organized manner. Encourage your team members to share their ideas, suggestions, and insights through these interactive and collective ideation sessions.

Each idea can be endorsed with the "Like" button, and the manager has the capability to move and merge cards as the session progresses, ensuring a fluid and dynamic exchange of thoughts.


Wooclap seamlessly integrates with your presentation and video conferencing tools

Are you a regular user of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, or Google Slides?
Effortlessly embed your Wooclap questions into these platforms with our integrations. No need to switch tools!
Everything is located and created in one place, enhancing your workflow and simplifying your processes.

s'intègre à votre LMS, outils de présentation et de vidéoconférence

Gather All Feedback Within Comprehensive Reports

Wooclap is a manager's ally, assisting you daily in your tasks.

It offers a simple analysis of responses obtained during meetings or brainstorming sessions at a glance through comprehensive reports.
You can also export these reports in Excel or PDF format and directly send them to relevant individuals.

Harness the power of organized data and informed decisions with Wooclap!


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