INTERACTIVE TEMPLATEStart, Keep, Stop: the feedback model from Wooclap's CEO


Hélène Grossetie - DG chez Wooclap

From Hélène Grossetie

What should we start, stop or continue? (example: following the XX project)

What is the SKS model?

Discover the "SKS" feedback framework from Hélène Grossetie, Managing Director at Wooclap and former Director of the French Market at Udemy!

This simple and effective framework enables you to collect and share constructive ideas by grouping actions into three categories: Start, Keep and Stop.

Using this interactive model, you can gather the contributions of your team or group collectively. It is particularly useful in situations where you want to encourage in-depth reflection and active participation from all members.

When to use the SKS feedback model

Here are some concrete examples of use cases:

  1. Interactive team meetings : During team meetings, use the Wooclap "SKS" model to allow each member to share their ideas on actions to start, continue or stop. This will encourage constructive discussion and enable the team to make decisions based on consensus.
  2. Group and collaborative projects : When planning and executing projects, use the "SKS" model to gather opinions and suggestions from the whole team. This will enable you to identify actions to put in place, practices to maintain and behaviours to avoid, in order to optimise the performance and success of the project.
  3. Training and professional development sessions : During training sessions, use the "SKS" model to allow participants to give feedback on teaching methods, content and pedagogical approaches. This will enable trainers to adjust their approach and respond to the specific needs of learners.
  4. Performance evaluations : During periodic individual or team performance reviews, use the "SKS" model to collect structured feedback. This will help identify actions to be taken to improve results, maintain good practice and eliminate ineffective behaviour.
  5. Change management : During periods of organisational change, use the "SKS" model to involve employees and gather their ideas on what actions to start, maintain or stop. This will promote support for the change and help identify the adjustments needed for a successful transition.

Why use Wooclap?

By exploiting Wooclap's interactive features, you can instantly collect contributions from all participants, display them in real time and analyse them in depth after the session. This encourages engagement and decision-making based on concrete data.

Don't waste any more time collecting scattered feedback. Use this model based on the "SKS" framework for effective collaboration, structured reflection and continuous improvement.

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Hélène Grossetie - DG chez Wooclap

Hélène Grossetie

Managing Director at Wooclap
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