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Analysis of the competitive environment

Examples of using the Whiteboard

Boost your group interaction with our interactive Whiteboard template. Varied questions for effective collective reflection.

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Template for Your Brainstorming Session

Boost your group's creativity with our interactive Brainstorming Template. Varied questions for effective collective reflection.

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In a nutshell, what is a word cloud to you?

Introduction to Word Clouds

Test your knowledge on word clouds and learn how to create interactive word clouds with our Wooclap template.

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How can we improve the management of our future projects?

Project Management: Feedback

Use this team feedback template to improve your project management. Identify areas to optimize to make your collaboration more seamless.

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Can you match the funnel stage with its description?

CRM Quiz - Validate the Fundamentals

This template is for managers and individual contributors who want to test their teams' knowledge of the company's CRM processes.

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Brainstorming in sub-groups

Wooclap Timer for Activities and Breaks

This template allows you to test the Wooclap Timer for sub-group activities or break times.

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UX design basics

Discover the basics of UX design for your learners

Discover our interactive Wooclap template to introduce your learners to the fundamentals of UX design.

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What is your professional experience in "XX" (to be replaced by the subject of the training)?

Pre-training questionnaire

Measure the skill level of your learners with our start-of-training questionnaire. Assess their knowledge to better prepare them.

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What should we start, continue and stop doing in our current team operation?

Preparing for the semester as a team

With this template, ask your team the right questions to align with upcoming expectations and goals, and identify areas of improvement.

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Brainwriting: a brainstorming technique

Use the 6-3-5 technique: 6 people, 3 ideas per person, 5 minutes and repeat. You complete each other's ideas and generate 108 ideas in 30 minutes.

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As a team, what did you learn during this project?

Learnings from a sub-groups working session

With this template, your subgroups can answer questions as a team and you can review together their learnings after a working session.

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How would you rate the overall level of difficulty of the course?

End of training feedback

Download this Wooclap event template to understand where you can improve your training and continuously increase its quality.

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