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Knowledge evaluation

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 Ecology and Digital technology

Ecology and Digital technology

Test your learners' knowledge on the impact of digital technology on ecology. Become aware of behaviors that contribute to this impact.

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Supply and Demand

Microeconomics: Supply and Demand

Test your students' knowledge of microeconomics with our Wooclap template on supply and demand. Varied questions to evaluate your students' skills.

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Introduction to chemistry

Chemistry: the periodic table

Test your students' chemistry knowledge with our Wooclap template on the periodic table. Varied questions for a comprehensive evaluation!

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English phonetics course

Teaching English phonetics? Test your learners' knowledge with our Wooclap model. Quizzes, associations and much more!

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Introduction to Uniform Circular Motion

Introduction to circular motion in physics

Use our Wooclap template to assess your students' knowledge of circular motion in physics. Easy and effective!

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What are the first few words that come to your mind about the African continent?

Discover Africa

Use our Wooclap template to test your learners' knowledge of Africa. Varied questions for a complete and fun evaluation.

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Ancient Egypt

Evaluate your learners' knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Use our Wooclap template to assess your learners' knowledge of ancient Egypt. Varied questions for a comprehensive knowledge test!

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Sustainable development

Sustainable Development Awareness for your students

Discover our Wooclap template for teaching sustainable development to your students. Interactive and educational questions to raise awareness about ecology!

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What is your professional experience in "XX" (to be replaced by the subject of the training)?

Pre-training questionnaire

Measure the skill level of your learners with our start-of-training questionnaire. Assess their knowledge to better prepare them.

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How well do you know the European capitals?

European Capitals

Measure the level of knowledge of your learners with our questionnaire on European capitals.

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Complete the sentences below with the following symbols: =, < or >.

Anatomy quiz - bones and ossification

With this Wooclap template, discover many questions to test your students' knowledge on a specific subject of anatomy: bones and ossification.

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As a team, what did you learn during this project?

Learnings from a sub-groups working session

With this template, your subgroups can answer questions as a team and you can review together their learnings after a working session.

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