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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing fundamentals

2023-04-09 • From Wooclap

In a word, what does the term "Digital Marketing" evoke for you?

Do you want to assess your students' understanding of the basics of digital marketing? Use this interactive event template from Wooclap to create an engaging and informative workshop on digital marketing. With questions about digital marketing knowledge, strategies used, online visibility, and SEO, you can measure your students' understanding of these key topics.

This event template includes multiple questions that can serve as a starting point for in-depth discussions on digital marketing. It asks simple questions like "In one word, what does the term 'Digital Marketing' evoke for you?" to assess students' perceptions and associations with this concept. It also includes matching questions to associate different forms of digital marketing with their respective definitions, testing students' understanding of technical terms.

In addition, this template asks questions about the levers of digital marketing, allowing students to reflect on different tactics and strategies used in digital marketing, such as online advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. This can help deepen their understanding of the different approaches to digital marketing.

An important aspect of digital marketing is online visibility. The template includes questions about different methods to increase the visibility of a website online, such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid online advertising, social media, etc. This can help students understand the different tactics to increase website visibility and reflect on their use in a marketing context.

Lastly, a question about the acronym "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to assess students' understanding of this key concept in digital marketing.

By using this Wooclap event template, you can create an engaging live quiz that will assess your students' knowledge of the fundamentals of digital marketing, engage in discussions, and reinforce their understanding of this key topic in the digital world. Download this template to your Wooclap account now and start creating an exciting interactive event on digital marketing for your students.

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