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April fools

April Fool's Day!

Have fun with our Wooclap template for April Fool's Day and discover questions about the origins of this day of jokes.

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Rules of the game

Questions for Teambuilding

Renforcez la cohésion d'équipe au sein de votre entreprise grâce à nos questions interactives Wooclap pour le teambuilding.

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What pet do I have?

Introduce yourself as a teacher

Connect with your students by asking them questions about you: an interactive way to start the year or semester.

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How tall am I? (in centimeters)

Icebreakers for large groups

Lots of questions to engage your audience, no matter how big. What better way to capture attention than to ask unexpected questions?

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How are you feeling today?

Icebreakers for small groups

By asking questions that allow participants to get to know each other better, you help them to feel more comfortable and therefore to participate more.

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