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Questions for Teambuilding

Questions for Teambuilding

2023-03-06 • From Wooclap

Rules of the game

This template can be used for an annual company or association meeting. The goal is for people to get to know each other and collaborate. It's a pub quiz that participants answer in teams, which includes questions on very different subjects so that each person can bring something to their group (general knowledge, specific questions about your company's culture, your customers, your products/services, etc.). Divide your audience into groups of 4 or 5 people in the room. Try to mix people from different departments in each team. Ask each team to choose a name, and create the team in Wooclap with these names.

Launch your event and ask participants to connect and join their team. Each question has a timer, so members of each team are forced to quickly discuss the answer. After each question, take the time to discuss good and bad answers. At the end of the quiz, display the rankings and congratulate the winners and losers.

💡Best practice: display the rankings in the middle of the quiz, so people know how their team is doing.
💡Best practice 2: you can offer a symbolic gift to the winners. To be more inclusive, offer them something they can share with all other teams (candy, etc.).

⚠️ Don't forget to update this template by changing the answer proposals, the correct answer, and the explanatory slides.

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