Boost your team's success with collaboration

Introducing Collaboration on Wooclap for Captivating Events

Elevate Your Teaching or Training Experience by collaborating with anyone! 🤩

With Wooclap's powerful collaboration feature, teachers, educators, trainers and their teams can seamlessly work together to create captivating and impactful learning experiences.

Whether you're in the education sector, the training world or in a business, Wooclap empowers you to unlock the collective knowledge of your peers and enhance the quality of your classes, trainings, brainstorming sessions.

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Using collaboration for Educators

As a teacher, collaborate seamlessly on Wooclap with other teachers and create captivating courses together for your students!

Say goodbye to the hassle of disjointed learning material. With Wooclap's collaboration feature, multiple teachers can effortlessly work on the same course - an event on Wooclap. Share ideas, notions, ways of asking learners and ensure a cohesive learning experience for your students. Collaboration has never been easier!

As a Learning Technologist, harness the power of teamwork with Wooclap's collaboration!

Learning Technologists’ teams can now join forces with teachers to work on the same learning material seamlessly. By adding teachers as collaborators, you can tap into their expertise and knowledge to enhance the event and deliver a top-notch learning experience. Collaborative efforts lead to better outcomes, making Wooclap the ideal platform for collaboration between educators and technologists.

As a teacher assistant, prepare the course content for the teacher who will host it.

As a teacher assistant, support your lead teacher in preparing course content effectively. With full access to the Wooclap event, the teacher can easily validate the content or give feedbacks. Collaborative workflows empower you to create impactful educational experiences together.

Using collaboration for Trainers and Business colleagues

As a trainer, share your knowledge with other trainers thanks to Wooclap and supercharge your sessions!

With Wooclap's collaboration feature, trainers can work together to create dynamic and engaging training courses. Combine your expertise, share resources, and collaborate in real-time with other trainers of your team to deliver unforgettable learning experiences. Enhance your training sessions and captivate your participants with collaborative tools at your fingertips.

As a manager, prepare collaborative sessions for your team

Bring the expertise of other managers to the forefront by collaborating on the same event with them in Wooclap. From brainstorming session ideas to designing interactive content, harness the power of collaboration to create impactful training sessions for your team. Elevate your training programs!

How to collaborate on Wooclap

You can invite people who:

- are outside of your organisation, company, or university

- do not have a Wooclap account yet!

You just have to click on the "Share" button when you are in your event.

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Then click on "Invite collaborators" and finally enter their email address in the field so that they receive an email notification to join your event as a collaborator.

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Why Choose Wooclap for Collaboration?

- Streamline event preparation and content creation with a real-time collaboration;

- Leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of your peers to enhance the quality of your learning material or session;

- Create a shared pool of interactive questions, polls, and other resources within your organisation;

- Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation within your educational institution or organisation.

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Join the Collaboration Revolution with Wooclap Today!

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Available for all users of PRO and CUSTOM plans.