Organise revisions remotely with Wooflash

Wooflash is an online platform that relies on cognitive science to help you give students a more personal and efficient learning process. How? By creating an online course with a series of questions which students can use when studying, and which you can even convert into an exam!


Wooflash in short

Easy to use

Our user-centered design enables a smooth and effortless learning experience, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Effectively ensures learning continuity

Monitor your students' progress and gauge their level of understanding between lectures.

Designed to promote active learning

Wooflash improves both teaching and learning, with features based on principles of educational neuroscience.

Are you a learning technologist?

Enter the first phase of our pedagogical partnership by allowing your institution’s teachers to try out Wooflash for free! With the support, resources, and training we provide, we'll help you use Wooflash to increase the impact of teaching on student learning.

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