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Discover the interactive question: Wheel!

Wooclap allows you to add an element of surprise and excitement to each session with this feature that resembles a "Wheel of Fortune" or "Wheel of Chance".

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Why use a random wheel?

Teachers, trainers, or managers can create a customized random wheel with the names of participants or topics to discuss during the session, for example. The element is then randomly chosen by the system! It can be removed for the next turn until all the options are exhausted.

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How to use the Wooclap Wheel?

For education

Incorporate this interactive Wheel activity into your online or face-to-face classes to enhance student engagement. Use it, for example, to ask your students to pay attention during the lecture because one of them will be selected to summarize what has been said at the end of the session.

wheel for education

For training

Incorporate this random Wheel activity into your training sessions to engage your learners. Use it, for example, to quickly go around the table and discuss the expectations of the participants at the beginning of the training.

wheel for training

Template to test the Wheel for free!

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Wheel use cases

Download this template to explore easy and effective examples of using the Wooclap wheel in your interactive events.

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wooclap blue square logo
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For meetings

Incorporate this random Wheel activity to make your meeting routines interactive and involve all participants in discussing a specific topic. This will promote equal participation and energize your discussions!

wheel for meeting

Try the random Wheel for free in your classes, meetings, or trainings!