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Teaching face-to-face with Wooclap


Teaching face-to-face with Wooclap

Meet the challenges of teaching face-to-face or in blended learning to make your students actors of their learning.

Teaching face-to-face with Wooclap

What you’ll learn in this guide

How to build your classroom course with Wooclap?

How to maintain a link with the students before and after the course?

How Wooclap changes the game depending on your teaching format

"[With Wooclap] we have gone from silence in the lecture hall to active participation. I don't see how we can go backwards.”

Latifa BERKOUS, Leanrning Technologist at the École Polytechnique

The challenges of face-to-face teaching in 2021

Measuring understanding in real time

... and adapting your explanations accordingly! Mixing the measurement of comprehension with moments of exchange between students: this is the method of peer teaching proposed by Eric Mazur, professor at Harvard University. Discover the Wooclap questions that lend themselves best to this method through our text and video explanations.

Collecting students' questions and opinions

Discussing a concept with your students, getting their feedback on a course format, letting them ask questions during your presentation... All in hybrid teaching formats! This is one of the challenges of new learning formats. How do you teach and give every student the opportunity to have a voice and actively contribute to their learning?

Keeping in touch with students before and after the course

our course material, additional exercises, resources to go further, revision quizzes... How do you make resources available to your students, and how do you sequence the learning to optimise the learners' journey? A challenge that Wooclap answers in our guide to face-to-face teaching with Wooclap!

New combinations of teaching formats

When, where and how to use Wooclap? We pro- pose 2 formulas to make your life (and creating your Wooclap activities!) easier. Wether you teach in a Hybrid synchronous (in class + synchronous distance) or Hyflex (in class + synchronous distance + asynchronous distance) context, you'll find the right advice for you in our guide!

Educational continuity and technological resources

Teacher of history, science, management, physics, languages, visual arts, social sciences, chemistry, geography, economics? Wooclap adapts to your teaching, before and after the lesson. Whatever the level of education (high school, college, undergraduate, graduate) at which you teach, juggling face-to-face and distance learning can be supported by adapted technology tools. Consult our pedagogical guide to discover the advantages.

New digital classrooms

While face-to-face teaching remains the basis of many educational pathways, schools have an important educational role to play in the face of new technologies. Its students will evolve in a world of work that is increasingly supported, even guided, by digital technology. Find out how to support your students with their own codes thanks to the Wooclap in-class guide. 

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Meeting the challenge of educational continuity in 2021