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Discover the Power of the Framework

Are you ready to elevate your team collaboration to the next level?

Immerse yourself in innovation with the brand-new feature: "Framework" on Wooclap!

With Wooclap's Framework feature, embrace simplicity to easily execute renowned analysis models such as SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, McKinsey's 7S, and much more. Work interactively and efficiently as a team for remarkable results.

Try for free this SWOT template!

How Does the Framework Work on Wooclap?

Training facilitators and team leaders, rejoice! Create interactive custom frameworks for in-depth visual brainstorming.

It's as simple as:

1. Upload the suitable canvas image (SWOT, Ansoff Framework, etc.).

2. Create a "Framework" within your Wooclap event and import the image.

3. Define the areas to fill in and save your Framework.

4. Invite your participants or team members to contribute to this visual brainstorming!

Whether it's about adding ideas, identifying strengths, pinpointing weaknesses, exploring opportunities, or anticipating threats (as in a SWOT analysis), each participant can actively engage with this digital Framework in real time, creating a dynamic and interactive visualization of your insights.


How to Leverage the "Framework" Feature?

For Impactful Team Meetings: Simplify team discussions and guide informed strategic decisions. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a project, explore market opportunities and challenges, and chart a clear path to success.

For Enriching Training Sessions: Incorporate the Framework into your training sessions to enable participants to collaborate on analysis models. Break down various facets of a business strategy or project together.

For Immersive Educational Sessions: Integrate this interactive Framework into your classes to encourage collaborative learning and concrete visualization of concepts. For example, delve into various dimensions of a case study.


Template SWOT to try the Framework activity in Wooclap !


Explore all faces of your business and create innovative action...

Wooclap’s Framework: Build in 10 seconds a visual brainstorm for your team and succeed!

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Benefits of the Framework

The Captivating Benefits of the "Framework" Feature

Ultimate Collaboration: Each team member actively contributes to thorough and informed analysis.

Immersive Visualization: Instantly visualize contributions in the form of interactive frameworks, facilitating understanding and decision-making.

Seamless Adaptation: Choose the Framework model that suits you and unleash limitless creativity!

Real-time Synchronization: Collaborate smoothly whether sharing the same room or being miles apart, thanks to real-time Framework synchronization.

Reporting: Gather all contributions in your digital report, exportable as a PDF or Excel format. No more stray post-its at the end of sessions!

Ready to Dive into the Matrix?

The Framework feature combines Wooclap's interactive power with proven analysis models for an unparalleled experience.

Immerse yourself with this pre-defined SWOT model and bring your ideas to life!

Transform your brainstorming sessions, energize your strategic meetings, and reinvent your learning sessions with the power of Wooclap's Framework!


Try for free Wooclap's Framework with this SWOT template