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Wooclap integration in Zoom

Wooclap integration in Zoom

The Wooclap and Zoom integration gives access to Wooclap questions directly from the Zoom interface. No more juggling between different tabs to take part in an interactive videoconference! The participant connects more easily to the Wooclap event with a unique Zoom code. Once in the interface, the participant can answer questions smoothly, while following the presentation at the same time.

Wooclap x Zoom

Zoom: the simplified video conferencing solution

Zoom is the leading meeting solutions application for the sixth year in a row. A simplified video conferencing and messaging solution for all devices, Zoom meets all your communication needs, including meetings, chat, phone, webinars and online events. And now, it allows you to make your classes and meetings even more interactive with the all-in-one integration of Wooclap! It all happens on Zoom.

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How does the integration work?

Go to your Zoom app. Once logged in, you can add the Wooclap app directly from the "Applications" section in Zoom. Your Wooclap account will then open in the Zoom application on your computer and will be ready to use! You can now prepare your Wooclap event directly from the Zoom application, without opening a new tab.

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Wooclap x Zoom