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Drawings and sticky notes : discover the Wooclap Whiteboard!


Drawings and sticky notes : discover the Wooclap Whiteboard!

10.10.2022 • 7 minutes

Whiteboard from Wooclap

Whether it is to write down the precise spelling of a word, make a quick sketch to illustrate your point or gather ideas from your audience; if you are a teacher or trainer, these situations surely resonate with you.

This usually requires the support of a board or stand where everything can be written and drawn. A board that is large and central enough for all the people in your audience to enjoy.

Whether it's a classroom board, a lecture hall, a lecture theatre or a meeting or training room flip chart, the need is the same: to be able to visually convey your message. To add or collect ideas as you go. To improvise a visual demonstration to support the idea or concept you wish to convey.

But in a world where flexibility is key and learning styles are constantly evolving, it is not always easy to rely on this physical board to share it with the whole audience. From now on, training and courses must be designed to fit in with this remote and/or hybrid world.

Discover the Wooclap Whiteboard: the simple way to illustrate your words or suggest an easy collaborative activity to your audience!

What you can do with the Whiteboard

Draw, add notes, shapes or ask your audience to add their ideas on post-its, all while staying on Wooclap. Is your audience participating in-person, remotely or both at the same time? Good news, the Whiteboard can be adapted to each situation!  Go even further by sharing the Whiteboard with your participants after your course or training!

Wootip: you no longer need to switch between tools to use a digital whiteboard. Everything is now done from Wooclap. Go from a training  question like "Find a number" to a Whiteboard in seconds, all within your Wooclap event!

Whether you prepare your board in advance or improvise in the middle of a session to illustrate one of your points, you remain within the same interactive tool that is Wooclap, without needing to switch to a dedicated tool.

With the Wooclap Whiteboard, you can focus on the content that you want to convey or the collaborative activity with your audience, not on complex settings.

We have added all the essential features that make up the core of a digital whiteboard.

As a presenter, you can:

  • Write or draw freehand: Let your inner Leonardo da Vinci shine!
  • Add text box areas written from the keyboard: Emily Brontë would be proud
  • Add sticky notes: Feel like Steve Jobs in a brainstorming session!
  • Add pictures: Dorothea Lange wouldn’t have done it differently!
  • Add shapes (squares, diamonds, circles,...): 100% Picasso approved


If the Collaboration option is enabled for your Whiteboard, your participants can:

  • Send sticky notes that will appear directly on the board:

Focus on what matters to quickly unleash the world of amazing possibilities the Whiteboard offers, without ever getting lost in unnecessary fuss.

The possibilities are endless! 

But if you want us to name a few, we might as well start here:

1. Get straight to the point

The Wooclap Whiteboard allows you to be free in the way you illustrate your point or the concept you are teaching. You are not conditioned to the framed format of Multiple-choice Questionnaires or Polls, or even Brainstorming questions, because with the Whiteboard everything becomes possible. Even the unexpected!

Are you a math teacher who wants to handwrite a mathematical formula? Are you a trainer who wishes to write an inspirational word you heard at the end of a session? Or are you an urban planning teacher who would like to highlight certain areas on a map?

Look no further, the Whiteboard is the answer! 

All the classic features of a whiteboard are available and allow you a wide range of illustrative actions. Add one or more sticky notes if you have key concepts to remember. Draw a simple sketch freehand (in the colour of your choice) to support your demonstration. Choose from the various shapes available to you if you want straight lines or a perfect square. This will make your point more compelling to your audience!

The Wooclap Whiteboard is your new ally for visual presentations. 🎨

Map to draw on

2. Collect answers in the format of your choice

With the Wooclap Whiteboard, you can collect your audience's responses just as you would with any other Wooclap question, but, this time, there are no formatting restrictions.

The Whiteboard goes further in terms of flexibility than other Wooclap questions by offering you a completely blank interface to start with so you can configure it exactly as you would like.

If the collaboration setting is activated, in addition to your digital pen stroke, your participants can also intervene and participate on the Whiteboard by adding their own sticky notes!

The board is no longer just the medium for your visual presentation, but also the place to collect the answers or ideas of your participants.

If you are a teacher and would like different sub-groups to work collaboratively, it might be interesting to prepare your Whiteboard while keeping the framework of your collective progress report in mind. You can then ask each group to add their answers by sending sticky notes to the corresponding category and in the relevant box:

Gather answers by team

Here, the teacher asks the students to add sticky notes to a map to illustrate the words that come to mind on the subject:

Adding an image

Whether it’s adding an image and categories you’ve already created, adding an image and text or adding shapes: it's up to you to choose the framework for your audience participation!

3. Create a mind map together with your participants

The Whiteboard format also allows you to collectively think with your audience on a blank medium prepared in advance.

For example, you can get feedback from your participants through the Whiteboard by asking a Start Keep Stop question, which is a feedback method on a particular topic or project. Here, you ask an open-ended question to find out what could be improved in team meetings:

Co-build a mind map

To summarise, the Wooclap Whiteboard meets many of your presentation and audience engagement needs. But it may be less suitable if you use it with a very large number of participants or if you want to keep a single medium for several sessions with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning, for example.

The Wooclap Whiteboard facilitates simple collective ideation and visual presentation activities. Its functionalities constitute a solid basis for creating powerful and collaborative moments of interaction on the same digital platform.

Enter a new dimension with your participants thanks to the Whiteboard!

Wanna try?

Try the Whiteboard!

Already available on your Wooclap dashboard.


Josselin Rieth

Josselin Rieth

Product Education Manager @ Wooclap. Passionate about education, geopolitics and words. I hope to inspire you with mine!

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