Online Survey Free: The Future of Feedback

Online surveys allow educators to gather insights from a larger group of people than would be possible through face-to-face interactions. This is especially important for courses with a large number of participants. With online survey free tools, you can easily reach out to your entire class, and analyze the responses to get a better understanding of what your students are thinking.

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What is an online survey?

Simply put, an online survey is a questionnaire that is sent to a group of individuals via the internet. This digital form of feedback-gathering is becoming increasingly popular in the world of education, especially in higher education institutions. With the emergence of online survey free tools, educators and trainers alike are now able to collect valuable feedback from their students remotely.

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Why use an online survey?


Online surveys can be interactive and engaging, using multimedia such as videos or images to help illustrate questions or concepts.


Surveys can be created to be visually appealing and engaging, catching the attention of the respondent and keeping them interested until the end.

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Online surveys are quick and easy to create, saving time and effort compared to traditional face-to-face surveys.


Online surveys provide insight in real-time, allowing for immediate feedback analysis, and can be adapted to suit changing circumstances.


Being able to collect feedback remotely via a online survey eliminates the need for physical paper-based surveys or face-to-face interactions, making the entire process more efficient and reducing any potential health risks.


Online survey are highly pedagogical, by allowing students to provide anonymous feedback, it creates an environment that encourages them to be honest and open.

How to create an online survey free on Wooclap?

Wooclap is a free online survey free tool that's perfect for educators and trainers who want to collect feedback from their students. Wooclap offers interactive, simple, and fast survey, with a variety of features that make it easy to get started.

To create a survey for free on Wooclap, simply sign up for an account, and click on the "create event" button to create your online survey free. You can choose from a variety of different question types, including multiple choice, open-ended, and rating scales. You can also add images or videos to help illustrate your questions or concepts.

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Once you've created your survey application, your students can access it via a QR code. Or you can send it out to your students via email or share the link on your LMS or social media platforms.

The results of your online survey free will be collected in real-time, allowing you to analyze the data and adjust your teaching strategy accordingly.

In addition to surveys, Wooclap also offers a variety of other features to enhance the remote learning experience. For example, you can use Wooclap to create live, interactive presentations or quizzes, which are perfect for engaging your students during remote teaching sessions.

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The advantages of an online survey free with Wooclap

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Interactive Survey

Wooclap allows you to create interactive surveys that engage participants in a pedagogical way. You can incorporate images, videos, and audio clips into your survey to make it more engaging and interesting.


Quick Survey

Wooclap's real-time response feature allows you to conduct quick surveys that provide immediate feedback from your audience. With Wooclap, you can get responses in seconds.

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Simple Survey

The user-friendly interface of Wooclap makes it easy to create online survey quickly and easily. You don't need any technical skills to use Wooclap, and the platform guides you through the survey creation process.


Live Survey

Wooclap allows you to conduct a live survey or a live quiz during presentations, lectures, and events. This means that you can engage with your audience in real-time and get feedback on the spot.


Online Survey free

By subscribing to the free plan on Wooclap, you can create as many online survey free events as you want. Within one event, it allows you to create two free survey questions.

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Asynchronous Survey

On Wooclap, you also have the possibility to create asynchronous surveys. Via the participant's pace, your audience can easily access the asynchronous event and participate anytime.

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Online surveys are a powerful tool for gathering feedback and insights from a wider audience in a faster and more cost-effective way. With the help of an online survey free tool like Wooclap, you can make a survey that captures the attention of your audience and get them excited to participate. Online survey free tools are becoming increasingly popular for educators and trainers. Whether you are a higher education institution, teacher trainer, training center, department, college, or high school, online surveys can help you get the feedback you need to improve your programs, services, and offerings.
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