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Prioritise projects as a team with the MOSCOW method

2023-04-11 • From Wooclap

What is the MOSCOW method?

If you're working on a team project, you know that prioritising requirements is crucial to optimize the use of available resources. This is where the MOSCOW method comes in. It's a valuable tool that can help you optimise resource use and achieve your goals.

This prioritisation technique allows you to classify project requirements based on their importance and impact on project success. Must have items are essential and non-negotiable requirements, while Should have items are important but negotiable if necessary. Could have items are desirable but not essential for project success, and Won't have items are requirements that are not necessary for project success and can be left out.

By using the MOSCOW method, you can focus on the most important requirements, identify those that can be postponed or left out if needed, and ensure that resources are used effectively to meet project needs. This also helps to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensures that the project is delivered on time.

This Wooclap template allows you to present and use the MOSCOW method, so be sure to adapt the content with as much precision as possible for your project.

The template ends with a note given to the meeting called ROTI (Return On Time Invested).

ROTI is an agile practice that involves voting by raising hands at the end of a meeting to assess interest and effectiveness and collect feedback, with the goal of improving future meetings.

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