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7C’s impactful Feedback

INTERACTIVE TEMPLATEGet feedback on your leadership


Mark Freer

From Mark Freer

My Impact as a Leader - Getting Feedback
How well do we manage the 7C's?

Definition of the Framework

The 7 C's framework is a model used in leadership and personal development to identify and cultivate key qualities that contribute to success. Each "C" represents a specific characteristic that individuals or leaders should focus on developing. Here's a breakdown of the 7 C's and their meanings:

  1. Coaching: This refers to the ability to guide and mentor others, helping them unlock their potential and develop their skills. Effective coaching involves providing constructive feedback, setting goals, and supporting growth.
  2. Character: Character encompasses a person's moral and ethical values, integrity, and the consistency of their actions. It emphasizes the importance of being honest, trustworthy, and principled in personal and professional relationships.
  3. Communication: Communication is the art of effectively conveying ideas, thoughts, and information to others. Strong communication skills involve active listening, clarity, empathy, and the ability to adapt the message to different audiences.
  4. Commitment: Commitment reflects an individual's dedication and perseverance towards achieving goals or fulfilling responsibilities. It involves staying focused, maintaining a strong work ethic, and taking ownership of tasks or projects.
  5. Contagious Energy: Contagious energy refers to the ability to inspire and motivate others through enthusiasm, positivity, and a can-do attitude. It involves bringing a sense of passion and energy to the work environment and inspiring others to do the same.
  6. Caring: Caring emphasizes empathy, compassion, and concern for the well-being of others. It involves treating people with respect, showing genuine interest in their needs, and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.
  7. Consistency: Consistency relates to the reliability and predictability of a person's actions and behaviors. It involves demonstrating dependability, following through on commitments, and maintaining a steady approach to work or personal life.

When is this framework most useful?

Do you wish to receive relevant feedback on your leadership performance?

The 7C's framework is a powerful tool for developing influential leaders. As a leader, it can be challenging to gather the right feedback, especially when past actions and behaviours may have clouded others' perceptions. The framework is built around the most critical qualities that a leader should focus on, allowing for an in-depth analysis of past performance and areas for improvement in the future. The 7C's framework provides leaders with a valuable roadmap for developing practical leadership skills that can help them drive success for their teams and organizations.

Are you aiming on having a self-reflecting session for personal development?

Personal growth and self-improvement are crucial aspects of leading a fulfilling work. If you aim for self-reflection and want to work on bettering yourself, you can apply the 7C's framework. This framework is an effective way of enhancing your communication skills, developing character traits like resilience and self-discipline, nurturing a commitment to your personal goals, generating contagious energy to fuel your motivation, practicing self-care and empathy towards yourself, and maintaining consistency in your efforts. By working on these areas of your life, you can create a better version of yourself and lead a happier life. Remember, personal growth is a journey that requires dedication and perseverance, but the results are worth it. Start today, and take the first step towards a better you!

How to use the Template?

This template is there to get the most efficient feedback possible asynchronously a Leader can get from his employees. It is structured through the 7C’s Framework, which is a set of leadership qualities and principles that can guide leaders in effectively managing their teams and fostering a positive work environment. In many points, it is asked to provide feedback by saying what worked well, what would be even better and what where the key learnings were in this respective area. Each "C" represents an essential aspect of leadership that contributes to the overall success of a leader and their team. By applying the 7C's Framework feedback template, leaders can gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. It helps leaders create a culture of open communication, trust, and continuous growth, leading to enhanced leadership effectiveness and team performance.

Note: Since this template can be found at the participant's pace, it is only available for our pro and custom users.

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Mark Freer

Mark Freer

Leadership coach

Meet Mark Freer, a professional leadership coach and consultant. With over 30 years of leadership experience within the Telco. & Tech. industry, and a passion for supporting individuals and teams reach their full potential, Mark founded Heads Up and Freer. He has worked with clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and has a proven track record of delivering results. Mark's coaching style and training approach is tailored to each client's unique needs and challenges, and draws on his deep expertise in energetic profiles, brain science, leadership development, and communication skills.

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Mark Freer
Mark FreerLeadership coach
Mark Freer
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Mark Freer
Mark FreerLeadership coach