Wooclap Templates: ready, import, present.


Wooclap Templates: ready, import, present.

25.05.2023 • 4 minutes

Wooclap templates

Many teachers and trainers are looking for ways to make their presentation more dynamic, but one resource often runs short: time! 

Between preparing resources, slides and delivering the session, creating interactive activities often takes a back seat. Especially since constantly coming up with new ideas requires a certain amount of inspiration.

The solution is the new Wooclap Templates! In this online gallery, you will find event templates created and pre-filled by Wooclap users, then validated by our teams.  

Discover how to import and use these templates in your courses or training sessions today. 

A ready-to-use solution

Using a template is easy:

  1. Browse the template gallery and find what you need in the different categories

2. Click on “Use this template” to import it directly into your Wooclap events 


Click on “Preview” to see the questions of the event and get more information about its use.  

3. Once the template is imported, you can modify it or present it as is to your audience. That’s it! 

Wooclap Templates

Some template examples to give you an idea:

  • This template allows you to assess your students’ knowledge of the periodic table of elements.
  • This template allows you to collect feedback from all participants after a training session. 
  • This template allows you to prioritize team projects using the MOSCOW method.

Customize the templates according to your needs 

These templates can be used without modification, but they can also be used as a basis for more personalized events. 

Once on your Wooclap account, adapt the templates to your specific context and need, saving you precious time!

You can also access 5 templates directly from your Wooclap events page, at the top of the page, in the “Start with a public template” section. 

Wooclap public template section

Discover Wooclap question types

Are your learners tired of MQC? Not sure how to use a specific Wooclap question type? Want to discover a new feature? 

Explore the different categories and discover new Wooclap activities, such as the whiteboard or the timer, along with classics like collaborative word clouds and online brainstorming.

Icebreaker template

If you’re looking for new icebreaker activities with your audience, browse the “Icebreakers” category in our templates gallery and get inspired to create an icebreaker that meets your needs.

Lack of time and inspiration is no longer a barrier to making your presentations even more interactive!

Share an event

Do you want to contribute to this template gallery? Feel free to share your event templates to benefit the entire Wooclap community. 


Clara Vanbellingen

Clara Vanbellingen

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