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Ideation workshop

What is the Ideation Workshop?

The Ideation Workshop is a model designed for Product Managers, Product Designers, and anyone in your company to facilitate brainstorming sessions focused on solving specific issues. This Ideation workshop encourage participants to generate innovative ideas and offer a structured approach to maximize creativity and problem-solving.

The workshop can be conducted both in-person and remotely, allowing flexibility in participation. It is recommended to have 4 to 5 participants, along with an animator, to ensure optimal engagement and collaboration. For enhanced insights, inviting end users to participate can bring valuable perspectives to the brainstorming process.

When to use the Ideation Workshop?

Do you plan a Brainstorming Session to find Innovative Solutions?

The Ideation Workshop Template is a valuable tool for addressing specific issues and generating innovative solutions. Use this product ideation workshop when you need to brainstorm ideas for product improvement, feature development, or overcoming challenges in your product ideation design process. By engaging participants from different teams and incorporating end users' perspectives, you can tap into diverse insights and drive impactful innovation. The Ideation Template can be utilized by teams and departments across your organization. Whether you're looking to solve operational inefficiencies, enhance customer experiences, or explore new business opportunities, this template provides a structured framework for collaborative problem-solving. By bringing together cross-functional expertise and leveraging collective creativity, you can unlock fresh ideas and foster a culture of innovation within your team.

Are you looking for Continuous Improvement Initiatives?

The product ideation template is also beneficial for continuous improvement efforts. If you're aiming to optimize processes, streamline workflows, or identify areas for growth, this template can help you gather diverse perspectives and generate actionable ideas. By conducting regular ideation workshops, you can continuously refine your operations and drive ongoing improvement in your organization.

How to use the Ideation Workshop Template?

This ideation session template can be used by Product Managers or Product Designers, to facilitate brainstorming on how to solve a specific issue. Anyone in your company can participate. For even better ideas, you can invite end users to participate. The ideal size is 4 or 5 participants, plus the animator. The workshop ideation can be done in face to face or remotely.

The content ideation template is composed of several steps:

  1. Explain the agenda of the session
  2. Ask every participant to present themselves in 1 minute.
  3. A warm-up activity. The goal of this activity is to open the participants' minds and break the barrier of drawing. As a facilitator, you can participate too.
  4. Voice of Customer: present the problem the brainstorming session tries to solve, with verbatims from your users, and some statistics if you have them. Ideally, participants are informed about this problem BEFORE the session and were asked to do some research on their side (competitors, best-in-class tools, ideas for potential solutions, etc.)
  5. Crazy 8 activity. Participants have 1 minute to draw some ideation sketches that are displaying a solution to the problem. Then they must sketch another one for 1 other minute etc. 8 times.
  6. Pooling the ideas. Participants send a picture of their sketches to the Wooclap Open question. Each participant briefly presents their ideation sketches. Let other participants react to those ideas, that's when the best ideas emerge! Keep an eye on the timing so each participant can present their ideas.
  7. Thank participants. As a follow-up to the workshop, you can ask them to fill in the satisfaction survey that is available with the template in the Participant Pace section.

Wooclap ideation templates facilitate a structured and collaborative environment for generating innovative ideas and solving specific issues. Download the template of the ideation workshop now and unleash creativity within your team!

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