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Product design ideation

Product Design ideation workshop

2023-04-21 • From Cycle App

Ideation workshop by Cycle App

This model can be used by Product Managers, or Product Designers, to facilitate brainstormings on how to solve a specific issue. Anyone in your company can participate. For even better ideas, you can invite end users to participate. The ideal size is 4 or 5 participants, plus the animator. The workshop can be done in face to face or remotely.

The workshop is composed of several steps:

  1. Explain the agenda of the session
  2. Ask every participant to present themselves, in 1 minute.
  3. A warm up activity. The goal of this activity is to open the participants' minds, and break the barrier of drawing. As a facilitator, you can participate too.
  4. Voice of Customer: present the problem the brainstorming session tries to solve, with verbatims from your users, and some statistics if you have. Ideally, participants are informed about this problem BEFORE the session, and were asked to make some research on their side (competitors, best-in-class tools, ideas for potential solutions, etc)
  5. Crazy 8 activity. Participants have 1 minute to sketch a solution to the problem. Then they must sketch another one for 1 other minute etc. 8 times.
  6. Pooling the ideas. Participants send a picture of their sketches to the Wooclap Open question. Each participant briefly presents their sketches. Let other participants react to those ideas, that's when best ideas emerge! Keep an eye to the timing so each participant can present their ideas.
  7. Thank participants. As a follow up of the workshop, you can ask them to fill in the satisfaction survey that is available with the template in the Participant Pace section.

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Cycle App

Cycle connects customer feedback to product delivery workflows so you can close the feedback loop at each release.

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