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Moving Motivators

The Moving Motivators (Intrinsic Motivations)

2023-04-06 • From Wooclap

Moving motivators EN intro slide

Intrinsic motivations are essential for understanding what drives your teams to take action and invest in their work. Wooclap offers you a free template to explore these motivations through an innovative exercise called Moving Motivators, invented by Jurgen Appelo, founder of Management 3.0.

With this template, you can easily invite your teams to rank their Moving Motivators from most important to least important, and assess to what extent each motivation factor has been fulfilled in their work over the past year. This will help you better understand the motivation drivers of your employees and adjust your management approach to support their professional development.

The Moving Motivators exercise is a powerful tool to promote reflection and discussion about intrinsic motivations within your organization. It will allow you to discover what truly motivates your teams, what inspires them, and what drives them to give their best. By identifying these motivations, you can align your management approach with your organization's goals and create a stimulating and rewarding work environment.

By using Wooclap's template, you will benefit from a user-friendly and interactive interface that facilitates participation from your teams. You can easily download the template into your Wooclap account and use it in your online or in-person events. The results obtained will provide you with valuable insights into the intrinsic motivations of your employees and help you make informed decisions to improve their engagement and performance.

Don't leave your team's motivation to chance. Use Wooclap's template to explore intrinsic motivations with the Moving Motivators exercise and create a flourishing and productive work environment for your teams. Download this free template into your Wooclap account now and discover how it can help you foster motivation and organizational change in your company.

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