Brainwriting: a brainstorming technique

2023-01-11 • From Wooclap

How could we improve this aspect of the product? 
For 5 minutes, on your column, write down 3 ideas and move to your colleague's column for 5 minutes to complete the ideas that are already there. And so on, until you have completed a full round.

Are you looking for a method to stimulate your creativity and generate new ideas? Discover an efficient brainstorming technique: the 6-3-5 brainwriting technique!

This method consists of getting 6 people together and asking them to write down 3 ideas each in just 5 minutes. By combining each other's ideas, you can generate up to 108 ideas in just 30 minutes. This technique is particularly effective in unlocking creative thinking and thinking outside the box. It also allows you to build on each other's ideas to develop new ones.

Using this collaborative brainstorming technique on Wooclap, you can organise online and remote brainstorming sessions while working together in real time.

Try this innovative brainstorming method now and bring out the most original ideas in your team!

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