Wooclap and Collecto extend their partnership


Wooclap and Collecto Renew Their Partnership

23.10.2023 • 5 minutes

Wooclap and Collecto renew their partnership

The agreement allows 170,000 students from Quebec's colleges to benefit from active teaching methods using Wooclap, the interactive question platform.

Wooclap and Collecto are delighted to announce the renewal of their agreement, which runs until 2025. This partnership, initiated in 2022, allows member colleges to deploy the Wooclap platform under favorable conditions, benefiting from advantageous rates on licenses.

By the start of the 2023 academic year, more than 35 colleges had already implemented Wooclap institution-wide.

"Colleges in Québec have been historical partners for Wooclap," explains Fabien Maurin, Country Manager Canada at Wooclap. "This agreement strengthens our ties with their network. We are proud to collaborate with college educators to continue offering a simple and effective teaching tool."

The pedagogical tool favored by teaching staff

Whether conducting face-to-face lessons, remote or hybrid lessons, college teachers have expressed several needs:

  • How to maintain students' attention and make them active participants in classes? Attention and active engagement are key success factors in the learning process.
  • How to measure students' knowledge and understanding in real-time during the class?

With Wooclap, teachers create interactive questions (multiple-choice, word cloud, fill-in-the-blanks, whiteboard, etc.), which students answer in real-time using their smartphones or computers.

The fact that Wooclap combines various types of tools we already used greatly influenced our choice. Beyond the ability to question students with different types of questions and modes, the word cloud and brainstorming question types meet the diverse needs of teachers. Also, the option to have asynchronous questionnaires, at the participant's pace, drew us to Wooclap.  The variety of question types is also at the top of the list of benefits. Teachers can vary question types based on different pedagogical goals. Therefore, assessing student understanding is more accurate.

Martin Pelletier, ICT Educational Advisor at Ahuntsic College.

Word cloud on Wooclap

A Wooclap word cloud

A tool created by and for teachers

The platform, available in French and English, integrates with Moodle, Teams, PowerPoint, and other daily teaching tools. It is developed in collaboration with educators and instructional designers.

"User-friendliness and ease of use are the tool's standout features", explains Martin Pelletier

"Wooclap is genuinely effective. The tool is straightforward to use. We provide minimal support to teachers, and when required, the available documentation provides answers. The Wooclap team also offers training, making the tool's integration into teaching practices easier," adds Philippe Lavigueur, from the Bureau of Success and Pedagogical Innovation at Montmorency College.

This sentiment is echoed by Estelle Girard, Instructional Designer at Saint-Félicien College: "We had the opportunity to try Wooclap for free for an entire semester. Our teachers were thrilled with the app's many features.

So much so that we have been using Wooclap since January 2022. Our teachers appreciate Wooclap's ease of use and the fact that our students can respond anonymously. 

They also appreciate the app's ongoing development and its extensive range of troubleshooting articles and suggestions. As for our students, they feel more at the center of their learning. So much so that we are preparing to try out Wooflash to further enhance their educational success."

New Pedagogical Innovations

"Wooclap periodically introduces features and improvements to the tool, much appreciated by teachers," explains Philippe Lavigueur.

Wooclap pursues its innovation roadmap with two major novelties:

  • Wooflash, the intelligent microlearning platform, is now offered to colleges as part of this agreement with Collecto.
  • Wooclap AI allows you to create interactive questions (MCQs, polls) in seconds, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Want to use our Wooclap or Wooflash platforms in your college?


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