TeachPitch, learn more & teach better

12.09.2019 • 4 minutes

TeachPitch, learn more & teach better

Education is going through a great technological revolution. The future is not what it once was; young people are growing up in a world of constant and accelerating change. For them, this change comes with a wide array of options and directions - and therefore, choices - but it also introduces a lot of complexity and insecurity.

More than ever, people must adapt, which means understanding this world and opening themselves up to a new interpretation of it. The sector of EdTech can transform teaching methods and increase student engagement in the learning process, thereby turning them into active contributors to their future.

Every now and then, we interview companies that have come up with innovative solutions to improve today’s teaching and learning. Today, it's TeachPitch's turn!

What is TeachPitch?

TeachPitch is a technology which aims to resolve the problem of information abundance through the process of curation, artificial intelligence and online training.

Today, team TeachPitch consists of 12 people operating from London, Tirana and Beijing. Ever since its conception in 2014, the platform has been blessed with a rapidly growing user base of tens of thousands of teachers from over 200 countries, with hundreds of new users joining the platform every week. In addition, TeachPitch Schools product is being used in hundreds of learning institutions in the UK, the US, China, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Our platform allows you to see, save, rate, and share the most relevant digitally available educational resources while discovering the personal learning ideas and questions from other teachers around the world. The more our platform is used, the more intelligent our search engine becomes, knowing exactly which online teaching/learning content is most relevant for our users.

Which major challenges does the solution tackle?

We aim to resolve the problem of information abundance so teachers can find the most relevant educational content at the right moment in time.

Have a look at this 1 1⁄2 minute video to see the problem we are trying to tackle:

Where did the idea come from?

TeachPitch was founded by a former teacher who, constantly constrained for time and budget, struggled to find and manage the best and most relevant answers to his questions among the abundance of learning resources, platforms, and content already available on the Internet.

How does your platform work?

The platform is free to use for teachers to find the best teaching and learning content online. Have a look at this 3 minutes video to get an idea of how our product works:

TeachPitch also works with schools to ensure that they can work with the best online teaching and learning material available. The company builds dedicated search engines (or Content Management Systems) for learning institutions from across the globe.

Teachers can also share and sell their digital skills through our platform. Our team interviews, trains and helps its users to create the best online tutorials to ensure that all teachers can thrive in a rapidly evolving new digital economy.

Which milestones and achievements have you reached so far?

We are very happy to be helping tens of thousands of teachers from over 200 countries on a daily basis, that our software is used by hundreds of schools all over the world and that over 500 teachers have already applied to join our newly founded Digital Skills Program, which enables our users to train other teachers to thrive in a rapidly evolving new digital economy.

What does the press say about you?

We like this quote in Forbes:

Collaborate and share! Technology is turning teachers into super-teachersA kindergarten teacher in Delhi can co-create a lesson plan with his/her counterpart in Detroit in a matter of minutes. TeachPitch, for instance, is a rapidly growing platform that brings teachers around the world together to work collectively to solve one another’s problems and to share the best resources on the web.”

Or this one from TechCrunch:

“ wants to help by bringing teachers around the world closer together so they can find and share the best resources on the web.”

Anything else?

If you know or are an entrepreneurial teacher with ideas on how to change the state of education through technology, we would love to hear your ideas and work with you through our brand new Digital Skills Program.


Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

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