The Top 10 most interactive institutions globally!


The Top 10 most interactive institutions globally!

03.06.2022 • 4 minutes

Ranking of interactive universities

During this academic year, in the wake of a crisis that has dramatically disrupted the student experience, higher education institutions had to deal with a major challenge: to give students a more active role in their own learning. That starts with making them more active and engaged in the classroom, with the help of Wooclap, naturally!

Teachers and learning technologists have been engaged in innovation. To highlight this, we decided to spotlight the 10 most interactive schools in the world, where interactivity has been central to the learning experience in 2021-22. Who made it to the top of the leaderboard? The answer is right below…

Student engagement through interactivity

Even before video-conferencing became the norm, ensuring student participation was already a challenge. In a world of lockdowns and distance-learning, this obstacle seems ever harder to overcome. As we gradually return to face-to-face learning in 2021-22, some classrooms and lecture halls remain quite empty, and online students tend to keep their cameras switched off.

Fortunately, teachers and educational engineers have not given up. They mobilised and worked together by adopting the right tools and developing teaching methods to adapt to the new realities of teaching. 

Specifically, with more than 17 types of interactive questions, Wooclap facilitates the implementation of Stanislas Dehaene’s four pillars of learning: capture the attention of students, trigger the audience’s active engagement, give feedback on mistakes, and consolidate the acquired knowledge.

Which schools and universities have made the most use of these interactive activities this year?

Interactivity is the New Normal: Top Institutions

Let’s cut to the chase… Here are the 10 most interactive schools globally in 2021-22! The ranking is based on the number of Wooclap questions posed by teachers during the period.

Most interactive institutions of the year

The most interactive institutions of 2022

1. University of Louvain (UCLouvain) 🇧🇪

2. Aix-Marseille University 🇫🇷

3. University of Lille 🇫🇷

4. University of Clermont Auvergne 🇫🇷

5. University of Montpellier 🇫🇷

6. HEC Montréal 🇨🇦

7. University of Murcia 🇪🇸

8. University of Padova 🇮🇹

9. University of Genoa 🇮🇹

10. University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne 🇫🇷

Massive congratulations and thanks to them! Many of the institutions on the list have been closely involved in the co-building of Wooclap and Wooflash.

The creative force of educators

Nevertheless, there are two observations we can add to this ranking of institutions that are pioneers of interactivity. 

Firstly, the human factor remains central to education innovation. To produce the best results in terms of learning, the teacher has to be clever and careful in their use of the tool. This was demonstrated by Jérôme Hutain and Nicolas Michinov (University of Rennes 2) in their study of student engagement via Wooclap.

The second observation is the impressive and exceptional pedagogical creativity shown by teachers and educational engineers. Despite all of them using the same Wooclap functionalities, each teacher proposes activities adapted to the needs of their syllabus as well as their group of students. 

It’s quite simple: our partners never cease to impress us….

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