Product news - September 2021


Our latest product news - September 2021

20.09.2021 • 6 minutes

Wooclap product news: September

What's new in September?

September is THE time of year when we feel like we're growing wings. The mind is rested after a well-deserved holiday, the batteries are recharged and motivation is back in our daily lives. At Wooclap, back to school is also the right time to share with you our latest product news, the ones you might have missed while you were out and about this summer. 

Good to know: this article dedicated to our new products is the first of a long series! We'll be bringing you our latest product news on a regular basis, so you don't miss out on our latest improvements, or the latest update to your favourite feature.  

1. The new one: the quick help button

What's it for? To make it easier for you to access our help resources, tutorials and to contact us directly. Do you have an idea for improvement or do you wish to report a problem encountered while using Wooclap? Just click on the quick help button.

Quick help button

2. SSO connection made easy

No more scrolling through the list of higher education institutions to authenticate yourself on Wooclap! Now you can directly search for the name of your institution in a dedicated field. You just have to click on the button when your institution appears.  

3. Importing Wooflash or Brightspace questions into Wooclap: finally!

Before, you had to recreate your Brightspace or Wooflash questions on Wooclap. Now you can import them in a few clicks, and that will save you time for sure. What are you going to do with those few minutes that fell out of the sky?

Here’s an idea: you could create a flipped classroom scenario, creating questions on Wooflash first and then importing them into Wooclap. This allows learners to see the same material more than once, and therefore retain it better!

Import Questions from Brightspace too Wooclap

4. The self-paced questionnaire gets a makeover

Thanks to the Participant Pace Questionnaire, you can collect feedback immediately after your course, conference, or training (anonymously or authenticated), and let your participants work at their own pace by answering your questions where and when they want. 

Improvements : 

  • Thanks to a smoother navigation, participants see directly where to enter their answer (and no longer risk forgetting to validate it)
  • The participant knows at all times at what stage of the questionnaire he is, thanks to a more visible progress bar
  • The slides now take up all the available space, so they are more readable!

5. Hallo! Answering via text message from Germany is now possible

If your participants do not have a smartphone, they can answer your Wooclap question by text message. This was already a possibility for France and Belgium, among others. This way, everyone feels included in your course, thus limiting the digital divide.

6. Matches made in heaven

The Matching question has a brand new feature: you can now create questions where several items in the left-hand column can be linked to the same item in the right-hand column! 

Matching question Wooclap

As you can see, it's been a busy summer at Wooclap. And, to be honest, we don't plan to rest in the coming months either! So, we'll see you soon for more improvements and more Wooclap interactivity.


Julie Lemaire, Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap

Julie Lemaire

Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap. As a student of language with a passion for education and a thirst for knowledge, I am currently learning to parlare italiano.

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