Product news - October 2021


Our latest product news - October 2021

28.10.2021 • 6 minutes

What's new on the product side?

October means falling leaves (and attendance?), scarves and hats taking the place of the first absentees and pumpkin pies obsession starting up again... At Wooclap, no pumpkin pies at needed as our developers have been busy in the kitchen to hand you four new products on a plate!

1. A new question type that will become a legend

The "Label an image" question has made its grand entrance into the Wooclap interactive question board! The goal? To allow teachers to propose a visual recognition exercise useful for the analysis of diagrams or images. In concrete terms, the teacher designates in advance the areas of the image to be labelled (he or she can specify a correct answer), and then asks the students to label the image. For a full explanation, please see our Help Centre article. Here are some use cases to inspire you:

  • Fill in a table: ask students to fill in boxes in a table with text or numbers.
  • In a language class: as part of a vocabulary exercise, ask participants to fill in vocabulary related to objects in a room for example. The visual context can help them to remember the new words better!
  • In a biology or physics class: ask your students to complete complex diagrams so that they can better visualise the different data.
  • In a geography class: display a map of the world and ask students to label it with names of cities, countries, or any other criteria relevant to your course.
  • In a history class: timelines are to History what Hot Roasted Chestnuts are to autumn... indispensable! Offer interactive timelines to your students for visual aid and to anchor their knowledge.
wooclap Label an image

Example of a table to fill in with the question Label an image

2. The more the merrier!

You can now collaborate on Wooclap events with your colleagues. Now you can work on multi-handed events! We explain here when and why the Collaboration feature will be useful to you through four concrete examples.

Collaboration feature Wooclap

3. Adding questions to your PowerPoint presentation: even easier than before

The time when you had to systematically select the event corresponding to the question you wanted to add to your PowerPoint presentation is over! From now on, Wooclap selects by default the same event as the one of the previously inserted question. Even easier and more ergonomic. Isn't life great?

4. Importing multiple choice questions from Excel even faster

Last but not least... The "Multiple answers" option is now automatically activated when there are several correct answers when importing a MCQ question from Excel.

That's all for now... See you in a few weeks to discover our latest news and improvements!


Julie Lemaire, Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap

Julie Lemaire

Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap. As a student of language with a passion for education and a thirst for knowledge, I am currently learning to parlare italiano.

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