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Collaborate with your colleagues on Wooclap

12.10.2021 • 4 minutes

Wooclap Collaboration

If you use Wooclap at the scale of a higher education institution or as part of a group subscription (a set of at least 30 subscriptions), you can collaborate on Wooclap events with your colleagues. Multi-handed events are yours! We explain when and why this new feature will be useful to you through four use cases.

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4 use cases of the Collaboration feature

  1. The course is run by several teachers at the same time
    The more the merrier! Or the more complicated it is to teach and organise yourself, depending on the situation. With the Collaboration feature, you can create, modify and present the same event. And of course, prepare it together beforehand!
  2. The same lesson is given by several teachers separately
    You are a team of motivated teachers, and your students see you as one. Like Cerberus (or Fluffy for those who are still waiting for their Hogwarts letter), you ensure the smooth running and cohesion of your lessons. With the Collaboration feature, everyone can contribute to the creation of the Wooclap event content, and duplicate it for presentation at the appropriate time. 
  3. You want to share the questions you have created 
    You are full of ideas for interactive questions, love to try out new Wooclap features, and your colleagues ask you daily: "Can I use your Wooclap questions?" Whether it's your icebreaker questions, feedback questions, your grammar or physics theory course... You can now add all your questions to a shared event, and add as many colleagues as you want! 
  4. Are you an assistant? Easily prepare the teacher's lesson!
    Your goal? Keep it simple and efficient. The Collaboration feature allows you to create the content of your event, and then have it validated by the teacher-teacher or another colleague. Quickly done, well done!

Tips & tricks...

To find out all the tips and tricks of the feature, go to our Help Centre to discover a practical article on how to use the full potential of this feature!

Wooclap in your institution

You are a Wooclap subscriber but would like your colleagues to use Wooclap at your higher education institution? Good news, you can try it for free!


Julie Lemaire, Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap

Julie Lemaire

Content Marketing Lead @Wooclap. As a student of language with a passion for education and a thirst for knowledge, I am currently learning to parlare italiano.

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