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Be the master of time with Wooclap's online Timer

08.03.2023 • 5 minutes

Timer Wooclap

"Time is a faithful friend to those who respect and treat it with care" wrote Charles Dickens.

As educators or trainers, we know how true this statement is. Respecting time is essential in the context of learning or training.

One needs to have enough time to develop ideas as educators or trainers, while chunking learning sessions so that they are not too overwhelming.

With our audience, it is often interesting to combine phases of collective attention and moments of ideation in smaller groups. These moments of reflection or tasks in sub-groups should not be too long. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare this type of exercise with a time management tool. And this is where Wooclap’s Timer comes in handy

Wooclap allows you to launch a simple and practical timer, with minutes and seconds in full screen!

Timer Wooclap

This timer also allows you to frame breaks with your students or audience.

The main advantages of Wooclap's online timer:

Increased participant involvement and focus

Your participants are more involved and concentrated with this countdown because they can better manage their time. They know exactly how many minutes or seconds are left to answer questions, perform a task, or resume after a break!

Shared responsibility

You are no longer the only one responsible for the timing. The objectivity of the Wooclap Timer is unquestionable because the countdown is displayed for everyone! No matter if there is a one-minute difference in the participants' time, the Wooclap Timer is there to bring everyone to an agreement.

Easy to set up pedagogical methods

The Wooclap Timer allows you to propose to your students a productivity and focus technique such as the Pomodoro method, for example. Set the Timer to 25 minutes for individual reflection and then propose a collective take-over!

This Wooclap timer also allows you to propose collective ideation exercises such as the 1-2-4-All method, for example. This method consists of asking a question and proposing a reflection on it in several steps:

  • (1 minute) A first step where each participant silently reflects and formulates an individual response to the question asked;
  • (2 minutes) A second step consists of pairing up with another participant, listening carefully to their response, giving ours, and creating a new, more elaborate response through this sharing;
  • (4 minutes) The next step allows participants to regroup in small groups of 4 to go further into the sharing of ideas that have emerged. All participants are invited to identify similarities or differences between the different points and to agree on a common proposition;
  • (5 minutes) Finally, the last step corresponds to the collective take-over. As the presenter or trainer, the central question you ask is "What emerges from your exchanges?"

The Timer will be particularly useful here because at each step, there is a different number of minutes to set.

Sleek and functional design to facilitate attention

Finally, the Wooclap Timer has a sleek and simple design like all the features on the platform to allow you and your audience to focus on the essential minutes and seconds ticking away!

Wooclap timer

The famous "10-minute break, no more" or "think in small groups for fifteen minutes and we will have a collective take-over" have a different taste with Wooclap's new online Timer!

Try out now Wooclap's online Timer with this template for your classes or trainings!


Josselin Rieth

Josselin Rieth

Product Education Manager @ Wooclap. Passionate about education, geopolitics and words. I hope to inspire you with mine!

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