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EdTech: Wooclap passes the 50 million user mark

27.09.2023 • 2 minutes

50 million users Wooclap

Wooclap, the interactive teaching platform,  has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 50 million users. Teachers and trainers around the world are using it this academic year to make learning more effective, now with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Since it was created in 2015 by two engineers from the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles, in collaboration with neuroscience experts, including Olivier Verdin, neuropsychologist, serial entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship, Wooclap has constantly offered new features in the service of interactivity. Today, the tool has 21 types of interactive questions, ranging from Word Cloud to MCQ and Brainstorming. Learners answer questions in a matter of seconds and the results are displayed in real time.

A historic milestone of 50 million users

Thanks to Wooclap, more than 50 million learners have benefited from more interactive teaching methods. Higher education establishments such as the University of Edinburgh, the University of Sheffield or Goldsmiths, University of London are putting Wooclap at the disposal of all their teachers and students.

"Scientific studies show that passive teaching and learning methods are not very effective. We want to move to an active teaching model, from A to Z. To achieve this, we are basing ourselves on neuroscience, and we are also going to rely on artificial intelligence."

Sébastien Lebbe, co-founder of Wooclap

In companies, digital technology as a source of inclusion

PwC, TotalEnergies and even Kellogg’s have integrated Wooclap into their daily meetings to make them more inclusive and efficient. Inclusive, because Wooclap enables the presenter to engage all participants at the same time, both remotely and face-to-face, in a context where hybrid meetings are on the increase. Efficient, because Wooclap facilitates decision-making, for example by simplifying brainstorming sessions or team meetings.

Putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work in education

Teachers and trainers often share the view that creating educational content remains the most time-consuming part of their schedule. That's why Wooclap is now integrating AI into its platform. This feature makes it possible to generate questions on any subject in a matter of seconds. Other AI capabilities are currently being implemented in Wooclap, such as automatic analysis of the answers given to an open-ended question.

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