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Testimonies: UPORTO


Testimonial: UPORTO (University of Porto, Portugal)

28.05.2024 • 3 minutes

Discover how prof. Antonio Coelho has integrated wooclap into its university and how it is used.

  • Why choose to integrate an interactive tool in your school? Which problem did it solve?

By using games in the classroom we are able to motivate students to read the learning materials before the class and make it much more interactive. Also, using the game as a tool to survey the students' understanding of the topics, we are able to reinforce the main ideas.

  • Why did you choose Wooclap over other solutions? What value did you get out of it?

There are distinct tools available, but all of these have many restrictions in the basic package. Unlocking the full version and integrating it with our LMS makes all the difference.

  • How was the deployment with teachers? Which teams were mobilized?

It depended on the individual motivation, but I was able to use it in the training of early-career researchers and they felt motivated to use it in their classes. So, with training and support, showing best practices, we can motivate faculty to adopt these tools.

Communication about the tool internally was primarily through training activities and conferences. As for guiding and training teachers, lifelong learning courses were utilized, ensuring staff members were proficient in its use.

  • How have you integrated Wooclap into your ecosystem and the other tools you use (Moodle, video conferencing tools, etc.)?`
  • Integrating Wooclap into the existing ecosystem involved incorporating it into in-person classes as an interactive component. Additionally, it was seamlessly integrated with other tools like Moodle and video conferencing platforms, enhancing its utility.
  • And how have you measured the impact of Wooclap on teachers and students ?

Measuring the impact of Wooclap on teachers and students involved utilizing the tool itself for feedback. Additionally, student enthusiasm and active participation indicated its effectiveness.

  • Do you have any advice to share with institutions that want to start using Wooclap?

For institutions considering Wooclap, starting with motivated faculty, sharing best practices, and conducting training sessions are recommended. This approach was successful at the University of Porto and can be replicated elsewhere.

  • Do you have any Wooclap use case example at the University of Porto

An example of Wooclap's use at the University of Porto is in Introduction to Programming courses. Here, it is used to gamify learning by incentivizing students to engage with course materials before class and participate in interactive quizzes during sessions. This not only reinforces learning but also fosters a competitive yet collaborative learning environment.



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