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How GNFA integrates Wooclap into its technical training courses

29.10.2023 • 4 minutes

GNFA x Wooclap

GNFA, Groupement National pour la Formation Automobile, is a leading training organization in the automotive and mobility services sector. Since its creation in 1973, GNFA has been working alongside companies in the sector to enhance their employees' skills, and today boasts over 300 trainers. 

Aware of the importance of active teaching to stimulate learning and encourage learner involvement, GNFA integrates interactive teaching tools into all its training programs. 

Since February 2022, GNFA has also adopted Wooclap as one of its preferred tools. Our interactive platform is used with real pedagogical creativity, even in the context of practical training around a vehicle.

Explore in this article how GNFA leverages Wooclap to enhance the engagement and participation of all their learners."

3 practical uses of Wooclap at GNFA

1. Proof through photos

To elevate its technical training, GNFA has integrated interactive case studies. In these modules, Wooclap actively engages learners. A trainer presents an open question using Wooclap, prompting learners to respond with a photo.

For example, during an automotive technology session, a trainer might inquire, "Are the shock absorbers of your car malfunctioning?" Learners then inspect the vehicle at hand for any shock absorber issues and submit photographic evidence.

2. Peer analysis

GNFA leverages Wooclap to foster collaborative assessment. In training sessions with a limited number of vehicles, learners observe their peers working on a car. Utilizing the Rating question in Wooclap, they evaluate their peers' tasks based on the trainer's specified criteria. This method ensures active participation across the group, even amidst logistical challenges.

3. Role-playing

For consultancy training, GNFA employs varied activities, with role-playing being a prime example. Here, the trainer simulates a client with a particular problem, and the learner adopts the consultant's persona. Fellow learners then evaluate the "consultant's" actions using questions presented on Wooclap. This technique not only pinpoints areas of enhancement but also accentuates the commendable aspects of the learner's execution.

An educational innovation welcomed by learners 

GNFA's trainees have been enthusiastic about using Wooclap in their training courses. The tool has added a new dimension of dynamism and engagement. The variety of interactive activities stimulates participation and reinforces learning.

Nevertheless, like any educational resource, the use of Wooclap requires a certain amount of vigilance to ensure maximum effectiveness. Trainers must be mindful of the duration of role-playing exercises. It's important to maintain a balance between the interactivity offered by the tool and the ability of learners to maintain their attention over an extended period.

What about trainers?

Since its integration into GNFA training courses in February 2022, Wooclap has profoundly transformed the way trainers interact with their learners. Over 5,600 questions have been created using the tool, and more than 185 trainers have actively contributed to the creation of Wooclap events. 

The positive impact of this integration is clear from the feedback received from trainers. They emphasize that the tool has made their classroom activities more dynamic. Their learners are now more engaged and active throughout the course. This evolution has been particularly remarkable, as it has broken the pattern of systematically involving the same people. It is now all learners who actively participate in the training. 

Another notable advantage highlighted by trainers is the ability to diversify the materials and types of teaching activities offered within their training courses. This makes it easier for them to respond to learners' specific needs. 

By adopting an increasingly active pedagogical approach and integrating Wooclap into its training courses, GNFA enhances the learning experience for its learners. Whether face-to-face or distance learning, on theoretical or practical subjects, almost anything is possible with Wooclap!

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