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Create MCQ and flashcards in seconds with AI

This 30-minute webinar is an opportunity to discuss how artificial intelligence, via ChatGPT, can contribute to the preparation of engaging and tailor-made learning paths that can integrate Wooclap, Wooflash and Moodle.

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In this webinar, you'll discover:

Artificial intelligence and training: what contributions for educational pathways?

Quiz Wizard: how does it work?

Save time with ChatGPT: what use cases?



Wandrille Bonnet

Wandrille Bonnet

Lead Product Manager

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Fabien Maurin

Fabien Maurin

Head of Canadian Market

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What you'll learn in this webinar

Active pedagogy

When you learn, you change the connections between neurons. This is called brain plasticity. One of the keys for this process to take place is to activate your neurons. But how ? By answering questions or practicing memory retrieval.

Creating quizzes with AI, not so easy!

Although many teachers are convinced of the value of active teaching methods, in the field, they do not always apply them... because they lack time. ChatGPT makes it possible to use these teaching methods, but it is not that easy to handle.

Presentation and demo of Quiz Wizard

We've designed Quiz Wizard to make the endless capabilities of ChatGPT easily available to teachers and trainers. The goal is to really save time in creating quizzes.