A (realistic) day of a teacher using AI


A day in the life of a teacher using AI in 2024

Back to the near future: explore a (realistic) day in the life of a teacher using AI in 2024. Follow the diary of Professor Woo, highlighting her teaching day punctuated by interactions with artificial intelligence. This guide explores how AI can enable teachers to save valuable time while enhancing their ability to provide an enriching educational experience.

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Day in the life of a teacher using AI in 2024

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How can I use Chat-GPT to help me prepare my lessons?

How can I use AI in Wooclap?

How to create AI-generated microlearning videos?

How can Wooflash turn my students into independent learners?

How can I work hand in hand with AI as a teacher?

1) ChatGPT: the teacher's assistant

Find out how Professor Woo uses ChatGPT to plan her lessons more quickly and prepare group projects for the final exam.

2) Wooclap AI

Find out more and get inspired by Professor Woo's use cases for Wooclap AI. Thanks to this new feature, you can create content and generate questions much more quickly thanks to artificial intelligence.

3) Personalized learning

Use AI to personalize your students' learning path. Turn your questions into flashcards in Wooflash. Your students can then embark on an adaptive, personalized learning path based on their understanding of the concepts.

4) A wide range of possibilities

From creating learning videos, to searching the scientific literature, to stimulating group discussions, AI makes many time-consuming tasks easier for teachers.

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