The Whiteboard is a multi-purpose interactive tool: it allows you to visually explain a concept, collaborate instantly with your audience on a digital interactive board, and unleash your creativity by starting from a white canvas. It is particularly suited for small groups, whether in business, school, or higher education, as well as for workshops and visual demonstrations.

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Whiteboard features

Whiteboard options

As the name suggests, the Whiteboard initially displays a white digital screen, on which you (and your audience if you give them access) can perform various actions:

import an image from your computer
draw or write with your mouse
type text
add post-its
draw predefined shapes
move, resize and duplicate elements
change the color and thickness of a line

The collaboration feature

By enabling the collaboration option, you allow your audience to digitally add post-its to your numeric whiteboard and participate in its creation. This can be useful if you want them to add ideas or comments.

tableau blanc - activer la collaboration

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The advantages of using a Wooclap Whiteboard

Illustrate your argument

The Whiteboard offers you a blank digital medium on which you can add illustrations, text, and different shapes and colours. This allows you to complement an explanation by visualising it. For example, by presenting a mathematical formula in real time or by drawing a diagram. 

By adding an image to your Whiteboard, you can then circle the areas that interest you, and add text and different colors to your image.


Collaborate with your audience

To make your presentations even more interactive, you can also have your audience participate in a Whiteboard. 

This can be very useful in both companies and schools for the co-creation of a mind map or a customer journey, the illustration of a scientific concept or a clinical reasoning.


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