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Difficulty-effort matrix

Difficulty-effort matrix for team’s projects

2023-04-08 • From Wooclap

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This event will provide you with a step-by-step process for rating the difficulty and effort levels of each project, and then using that information to prioritize your work using the difficulty-effort matrix. Our rating questions will help each person on your team give their input on each project, leading to a more collaborative and effective decision-making process. And once all projects have been rated, you'll be able to use the matrix to visualize and prioritize them, helping you focus on what's most important.

This template also includes a brainstorming session to help your team come up with creative solutions and ideas for each project. By combining the power of the difficulty-effort matrix with collaborative brainstorming, you'll be able to take your project prioritization process to the next level.

The first question enables you to have a list of the different projects the team is working on, and also how many people in the team are working on a project (with the size of the words). Once you gather the answers, you can edit the 2 rating question by replacing the project with their name and/or the people working on them. The two rating questions will help you have an idea about how each project is perceived by your team. Then every member of the team can localize their projects on the matrix and you can decide on a final prioritization together. Finally, you can use the last question to brainstorm together about the next steps needed to increase your performances on each project.

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