Live learning

Interact & vote with your smartphone, tablet or computer during live presentation.

  • Multiple choice questions

    Multiple choice questions are an easy and effective way to measure the global comprehension of your audience. Participants choose one or several answers, the results of which are presented as a histogram.

  • Rating

    Let the audience rate statements on a scale as a quick and useful way to analyse trends in public opinion.

  • Poll

    Ask your audience's opinion and identify trends in seconds. Polls are multiple choice questions to which there is no right answer.

  • Find on image

    Ask your audience to locate a correct area on an image.

  • Word cloud

    Mesmerise your audience with a word cloud that rearranges itself in real time and emphasises the most recurring words.

  • Open Questions

    Let your participants type in their answer freely. This is a great way of getting their full insight.

  • Guess a number

    Ask your audience to answer your question with a numerical value. The average, maximum, and minimum will be displayed on your screen.

  • Prioritisation

    Participants will attribute exactly 100 points to the different propositions, thereby assigning a certain degree of importance to each of the elements.

  • Sorting

    Ask participants to sort elements in a specific order.

  • Matching

    Ask your audience to match elements from two columns.

  • Fill in the blanks

    Ask your audience to complete a text with missing words.

  • Quick Slide

    Quickly insert additional or useful text and images into your presentation to help your audience relate to the material more.

  • Brainstorming

    Ask your participants to share their opinions on a given topic and sort their ideas by category.

  • Video

    Enter your video's URL (DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube) or mp4 file to add compelling content to your presentation.