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Здравствуйте to our Russian users!


Trying to keep up with Wooclap’s ever-growing fan club, we’re proud to announce that its entire platform is now available in Russian!

This is already the sixth language Wooclap has learned, in half as many years. Experts say it may one day even create its very own language, a combination of cheers (woo’s) and applause (claps) that would render any obstacle to global communication and understanding speechless (pun very much intended).

Despite Wooclap’s constant growth, its team remains devoted to making the classroom response system as accessible and user-friendly as possible, to anyone across the world!

For future expansion, why not look past our little planet 🌍, perhaps even reaching aliens out there, looking for ways to interact during their intergalactic meetings? 👽👾 So, for those of you who speak Klingon and/or Wookie, now’s the time to proudly display that baby on your resume, because we might need some help with the translation!

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Joséphine Misson

Joséphine Misson

Josephine is marketing manager at Wooclap. Cupcake guru and chief happiness officer in her spare times, you will also find her stuffing her coworkers’ bellies with plenty of delicious treats.
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