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Wooclap reaches more than 100,000 teachers in more than 100 countries


Wooclap, the start-up which specialises in interactive digital solutions for learning, has announced its platform now counts more than 100 000 teachers from universities and colleges in more than 100 countries.

The online tool is available in six languages and allows students to use their smartphones to interact with their teacher in real-time. By making classes more fun, teachers can better draw students’ attention, better measure their understanding of material, and improve the impact of their teaching.

« The drop in student attention rates after listening passively for a mere few minutes is alarming. Teachers are facing a very real problem, but studies have shown that more interaction during class improves the learning process and leads to better understanding and memorisation in the long run. », says co-founder and CEO Sébastien Lebbe.

A simple, fast, and intuitive solution

According to co-fondateur and Chief Technical Officer Jonathan Alzetta: « Our tool is very user-friendly. Teachers can learn how to get started in a matter of seconds, which explains the interest the teaching community has expressed: between 400 and 500 teachers are signing up every day »

Wooclap offers a user-friendly digital platform with a large variety of features. Teachers can therefore ask various types of questions which students answer on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, either online or using text messages. The web-based app gathers the results and displays them in the teacher’s presentation in real-time, allowing teachers to interact with students at any given time.

Among the available interactions, one finds multiple choice questions, polls, ratings, find on image, word clouds, open questions, find a number, prioritisations, sortings, matchings, fill in the blanks, brainstormings, and more. These can all be added to PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and PDF presentations, and Wooclap also integrates with Learning Management Systems.

Turning students into active contributors to their learning

Students are quick to adopt the tool and its many benefits: improved understanding of material, growing knowledge and skills, and increased motivation and engagement.

Sébastien Lebbe adds: « Whether we like it or not, smartphones are here. Either we fight them or we use them for educational purposes. By taking advantage of new technologies, we can find innovative ways to revolutionise higher education and give students a more active role. In addition, we develop our tools by working closely with universities and researchers in the cognitive sciences. »

Since it was founded in 2015, Wooclap has raised a total of 1.75 million euros through private investments and it was recently awarded 500 000 euros as Innovative Startup of the Year.

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Gauthier Lebbe

Gauthier Lebbe

Content Editor @ Wooclap, interested in and excited about applying EdTech to the educational needs of today’s students