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Wooclap Case: UCL using technology to interact with students

Wooclap: a question to the audience, a response via smartphone. More interaction during classes at UCL.

UCL is a Belgian university with more than 28,700 students from 127 nationalities; more than 3,600 researchers and 2,000 doctoral students, half of whom come from abroad, and nearly 1,000 research agreements signed each year. Over 220 advanced education programs are taught there.


As part of its Digital University Project, UCL is offering all its teachers a new interactive tool: Wooclap. The objective? To facilitate the participation and interaction between teachers and students.

For several years now, UCL has been turning to digital technology to ensure the development of educational innovations and the creation of stimulating work and learning environments. It has introduced flipped classrooms, the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in certain courses, the learning center (library and learning spaces of the 21st century), fab labs (incubators), etc.

Developing, testing and analyzing new technologies to teach and train better is one of the priorities of the Digital University Project and is carried out by the Louvain Learning Lab, a living laboratory of active and innovative pedagogy. The objective? To involve students and stimulate their active participation during classes.


Some technological tools can truly serve as a springboard. Among these, UCL has chosen Wooclap. In response to a question by the teacher, this tool allows students in the audience to answer and for these to be collected instantly, using Wifi or by sending a text. This energizes the audience and facilitates interaction between the teacher and students during the course.

Franck Verschuren, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at UCL, was able to test the tool for over a year. Wooclap is a solution that allows me to make my courses more interactive. I have always wanted to be able to verify the students’ understanding in order to be able to explain the material that has not been understood in depth. Wooclap also allows me to check whether my questions are well asked or ambiguous. The benefits to the students? They love it! Wooclap is very fast and very easy to use for them. They are very happy to be able to be actors of their own learning “.

The same goes for Paul Bertrand, who was also able to test this application: “Wooclap is an “idea bottle opener”. It allows students to communicate rigorously and honestly, anonymously, with their classmates and with the teachers, about the lessons, their feelings and knowledge.”

After a one-year test phase, UCL decided to grant all its professors access to the platform to promote educational innovations and to turn students into actors of their learning.

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training