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Wooclap case : STIB-MIVB Career Event

“Innovative solutions serving technology” : this was the watchword for the STIB-MIVB Career Event on October 29th

The STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) is the local public transport operator in Brussels, Belgium. It is responsible for the metro, tram and bus lines in Brussels. It employs more than 8.000 people which makes it the first employer in the Belgian capital.

Last month, they organized an event to show the different aspects of their enterprise and different kinds of jobs. The goal was to recruit new people for their new project which consists in the largest modernization program ever undertaken for the Brussels metro since its creation, 40 years ago.


How did they use Wooclap ?

The event was meant to attract the attention of engineers and graduates in the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanical, IT & telecom and construction.

During the whole evening, a panel of 4 experts explained the technical challenges associated with such a massive project. They also spoke about the innovative approaches that people needed to understand to launch it.

For those speakers, Wooclap was the ideal solution to drive the 120 people present at the event to participate. At a certain point, they were asked to answer, via the web and via SMS, multiple choice questions prepared by the speakers. Those were destined to assess the participant’s knowledge and to insist on the most important points raised during the speeches.

“This application is so easy to use, has a practical back office and a clear dashboard, no download needed, just Wi-Fi or a dataconnection on your smartphone or tablet. During our Career Event, Wooclap made it possible to insert real-time interactive moments between the candidates and the presenters, some of them resulting in really useful information for our HR team. A real added value!” — Johan CLAES, Employer Branding & Sourcing Manager

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training