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Wooclap case: EFE by Abilways uses new technologies and intends to become the leader in European…

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ABILWAYS intends to become the leader in European training over the long term to assist people and companies through strategic changes.

France Noiret, conference manager at EFE by Abilways Group, explains how using voting system and live Q&A allows her to improve the quality of her trainings.Hi France, why do you use Wooclap for your events?

I wanted to change the usual monotonous conferences and trainings routine by adding interactivity and increasing the conversation dynamics between the audience and speakers. My goal was for the attendees to become active participants in their own training rather than remaining passive listeners.

What Wooclap functions did you use?

During the conference, I used Wooclap to display the presentation support. I also used the live voting system as well as the wall of messages. After my event I also added a survey to find out what sort of experience the attendees had had during the day and during the conferences.

What main benefits have you noticed with respect to the attendees?

For me the main advantages were the following:

– Option to ask anonymous questions with a regulator present, without fear of consequences

– Allowing a better sharing of experience, of best practice, between speakers and attendees during the conferences

– Also allowing “ice-breakers” at the beginning of conferences and getting group dynamics going

What main benefits have you noticed with respect to you, as an organizer?

Wooclap is extremely user-friendly, so you’re not losing much time during conferences when starting a poll, for instance. The interface is very explicit, so there’s no risk of “false maneuvers”. The Wooclap team is also very proactive and quick to respond.


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Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training