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Wooclap case : Bruxelles Formation professional training sessions

Bruxelles Formation is the organization that is in charge of professional training in Brussels and its surroundings.

Rochane KHERBOUCHE, ICT Eduction project manager, explains how he uses Wooclap during his many training sessions.


Which Wooclap features do you use ?

When I create a new event, I use the “wall of messages” feature to make sure everything is alright and to introduce myself. I use it during the whole training program to interact easily with the audience.

Besides, I sometimes integrate Google Slides in my presentation and I create a lot of polls and quizzes. At the end of the session I ask for a feedback from the attendees using the wordcloud feature.

What type of questions do you ask during your training sessions ?

It depends on the context. The interactions are often related to the needs of the attendees and the event itself, such as an MCQ question about something we learned during the training program.


What are the benefits as a trainer ?

The three benefits I would insist on are :

  • Getting an immediate feedback from the attendees through their comments;
  • Being able to use their questions to support my interventions;
  • Being a good listener which is a good quality to enhance my credibility.

What are the benefits for the learners ?

The most important to me are those ones:

  • Motivation and curiosity while discovering the tool without excluding people without a smartphone or access to the internet thanks to the “texting” feature;
  • Real time interactions and ability to ask questions and comment anonymously;
  • Vote for the most accurate remarks and questions;
  • Feeling of satisfaction thanks to the immediate feedback regarding their questions.

“Today, the best interaction, poll and voting tool … is Wooclap” - Rochane KHERBOUCHE, ICT Education project manager.

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan Alzetta

Jonathan CTO & co-founder at Wooclap, a collaborative tech solution that boosts engagement in class and training