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Wooclap announces launch of a distance learning platform

Woodlap announces launch of a distance learning platform: Wooflash

Wooclap, the start-up which specialises in interactive digital solutions for learning, has announced the launch of a new distance learning tool: Wooflash.

This new interactive platform, based on cognitive science and artificial intelligence, increases the teacher’s ability to adapt their teaching to the needs of each learner.

« Students and teachers can follow their progress through simple, usable graphs », says Wooclap co-founder and CEO Sébastien Lebbe. « We are currently receiving many messages from teachers looking for solutions to the suspension of lectures due to the spread of the Coronavirus. We have been working on this platform for several months now and believe that teachers and students could really use it in these difficult times. »

Wooflash, a simple, fast and intuitive solution

According to Wooclap COO Hélène Grossetie, who is in charge of Wooflash’s launch, « the most common traditional study methods - like proofreading and highlighting - are not effective, but they have been around for generations. The new tool we offer is based on study and repetition techniques which scientific studies have shown to be the most effective. »

Wooclap now offers a new digital collaboration platform which is both user-friendly and covers a wide range of features. The teacher can create different types of questionnaires which students can answer with their smartphone or computer. Depending on their answers, the content is automatically presented to the student as a text or video. If they so choose, the teacher can also intervene manually.

The application immediately collects and processes individual and collective responses, which are then displayed in dashboards. All of this is done in real-time, which allows the teacher to communicate with their students at any time - and remotely.

About Wooclap

Wooclap specialises in interactive learning tools in education. The platform gives students the opportunity to use their smartphones to interact with their teacher during a lecture. By making lessons more playful, attention rates improve which allows teachers to gauge their knowledge more effectively. The Brussels-based company was recently chosen as the winner of the Innovative Starters Award. Find out more at: wooclap.com.



Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool.