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Combining Wooclap and Moodle: from importing data to our new plug-in

Combining Wooclap and Moodle: from importing data to our new plug-in

We’ll be at the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland, Online, from September 28th to September 3àth, and we’d love to hear how you started this school year and what you’d like to see in future updates.

During the event, we’ll have the opportunity to meet, either in small groups or during e-face-to-face meetings. You’ll find more detailed information here!

In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane. If you’re a fan of both Wooclap and Moodle, chances are you’ve heard of the integration that allows you to combine them. However, we didn’t dive into the development of that plug-in head first. No, we wanted to test the waters first.

Importing and exporting data

Back in 2018, you could combine Wooclap and Moodle for the first time by importing and exporting data from one platform to the other. It doesn’t require any preparation or installation of any kind, making it the ideal option for individual users.

Click here to find out how this works!

Introducing a new plug-in

2019 saw the launch and deployment of our Moodle plug-in for a more in-depth and seamless integration. Instead of transferring data from one platform to the other, the plug-in allows you to create Wooclap quizzes from within Moodle and instantly synchronise data between the two tools.

In addition, a single admin can install this plug-in for your entire organisation, thereby ensuring a quick implementation and enabling large-scale adoption.

Do you think your institution is ready to take the plunge? You can find all the necessary information here, or you can come say hello at the MoodleMoot Global Online to discover how combining Wooclap and Moodle can make learning awesome!

Albane Juarez

Albane Juarez

Marketing & Communication Manager @Wooclap
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